Azure Stack Lets You Put The Microsoft Cloud In Your Data Center

Private cloud offers an option for companies that don’t want their data in the public cloud or want to build a hybrid cloud and move data between clouds when needed. The Microsoft Azure Stack [...]


Don’t Rely On Your Legacy Cybersecurity Solutions to Protect Today’s Systems

Information security threats don’t ever stop. Besides the risk of malware that steals data and ransomware that locks up your machines, today’s cybersecurity risks include having your [...]


Resolve to Upgrade Your Microsoft Applications in the New Year

It’s almost 2018. A new year means making sure all your application are still supported by their vendor. Using unsupported versions means you don’t have the latest features or [...]


Make Your Data Secure in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Keeping data secure in the Microsoft Azure cloud is just as important as keeping it secure in the data center. Although cloud means handing off many operational responsibilities to the cloud [...]


What CFOs Need to Know: Microsoft Azure Can Replace Your Computer Room

Microsoft products form the foundation for most company’s basic business processes. Microsoft Azure can be the foundation of your information technology processes. Here’s what you [...]


Monitoring Office 365 in the Cloud

Using Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud eliminates some admin functions, but it’s still necessary to monitor usage and check for security. Microsoft Office 365 provides the reports needed [...]


Choose Microsoft Azure to Transform Your Business

The cloud’s become such an important technology that most companies don’t have just one. Multi-cloud environments are now the norm, whether that means multiple public clouds or a [...]


Finding the Right Fit in Microsoft Azure

Getting the benefits of cloud requires choosing the right cloud. That means not just the right cloud provider, but the right size cloud. If you choose too small a cloud, you won’t get the [...]


New Features Make It Worth the Effort to Upgrade to Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft ended mainstream support on Exchange Server 2010 more than two years ago, but many organizations haven’t yet made the move to later versions. While you may still be covered by [...]


Bring Your Own Key Increases Security of Your Data in Microsoft Azure

Although the perception remains that cloud is less secure than on-premises data centers, experts hold a different opinion. Gartner anticipates that public cloud providers will experience at least [...]

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