Information Technology (IT) for Healthcare

Delivering quality healthcare services today requires a warm human touch and a firm foundation of information technology. Electronic health records are just one of the challenges. Care providers need to share patient data while protecting patient privacy and complying with HIPAA. You need to deliver care via internet of things devices and telemedicine. You need to collect and integrate data from wearable devices and other sources, then use analytics and big data methods to generate care strategies for patients and populations. Health systems need to leverage new technology, manage loads on networks, control security threats, and empower their providers, all without allowing the technology to distract from their primary mission.

Building and Supporting the Technical Foundation of Healthcare

Prescient Solutions offers healthcare providers strategies and solutions that allow them to cost-effectively use modern IT that empowers providers and protects patients, implementing strategies to ensure consistent quality and compliance across locations. Prescient accomplishes IT excellence with experienced, on-site engineers coupled with 24x7x365 remote monitoring and Helpdesk (24×7) services. Prescient certified engineers can provide the following:

  • Upfront assessment and periodic audits of IT systems and issues
  • 24×7 remote monitoring, alert and documentation systems
  • Emergency services and problem resolution
  • Implement effective data protection and security
  • Manage backup and disaster recovery processes
  • Server, network, IP telephony, mobile, and cloud solutions
  • Apply necessary patches and upgrades
  • Manage vendor relationships including RFPs and negotiation
  • Evaluate and migrate to cloud technology options
  • Develop a strategic technology plan to support future growth
  • Tap into the same level of expertise available to big companies
  • Timely reporting

Project Consulting or Managed Services

Prescient Solutions’ IT services can work on a project basis to solve a specific problem, or provide managed services and ongoing support of your technology. We focus on technology so you can focus on providing compassionate patient care.

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