5 Reasons you need OneDrive for Employee Data Backup

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With companies creating and storing data at an exponential level nowadays, it becomes imperative that none of it is misplaced. This puts IT teams on constant alert of keeping data secure and backed up for those emergency situations. This ability shouldn’t just be focused at the big data level, but also for employees looking to make their spreadsheets or documents safe from being lost. OneDrive gives this capability to users leveraging an Office 365 license. Here are some reasons why you should consider OneDrive as your file hosting service.

Storage size

With a paid OneDrive account, that’s included automatically with many Office 365 subscriptions, you can store up to 1TB on the cloud service. Considering many computers still don’t come with that big of a hard drive natively, you’ll have more than enough space to store your files.

Autosave Feature

A recent ability rolled out. This component allows constant autosaving as long as the data (Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoints) is stored on OneDrive. It’s nice for v of your documents so it makes sure your revisions and updates aren’t vulnerable to app/computer crashes that didn’t save your hard work. You can also quickly turn it off if you’re not looking to have the document use this so it’s user-friendly.


Microsoft made it quick and easy when it comes to being able to share files to friends and colleagues. It’s not only important to store data as well as being able to have quick capability to give it to your boss or family member. They’ve also included security features so the owner of the data has power to take the access away or restrict it to uphold integrity and or confidentiality.


This feature enables you to quickly have access to all of your data on OneDrive, without maxing out on your hard drive space. Users can quickly on the fly download, free up space of these documents. Over time as you push more data on your OneDrive account, you might see your hard drive fill up. Even in today’s technological standards, not every computer has 1TB storage capability. No worries, with your OneDrive and an internet connection, you can see every file on your OneDrive. If you happen to see low disk space, you can have data on your OneDrive be stored strictly in the cloud

PC & Mac Compatibility

Most of these features I’ve mentioned are usable for PCs and Macs. Microsoft has really enhanced the experienced of even allowing users experience the satisfaction of backing up and sharing your data regardless of what OS you choose to work on. The features translate well between operating systems so the learning curve is minimal. This is a sigh of relief by allowing the choice of what device you want to use while still backing up your data

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