5 Ways to Succeed at Technology Modernization and Digital Transformation

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Today’s business is facing new challenges that old approaches to technology won’t solve. Modernizing technology and completing digital transformation are the keys to business success. Yet critical modernization and transformation projects frequently fail. Often, it’s not the technology’s fault, but the fault of the process and the people.

To succeed, a modernization project needs to do the following:

1. Implement a strategy, not a technology.

Despite the fact that the end result is deploying new technology, new technology alone shouldn’t be the goal. New technology needs to be in service to the business, and the modernization process needs to be driven by a well-defined strategy. In turn, that strategy should be driven by a realistic understanding of the business environment and an assessment of the existing technology infrastructure. Although you will likely have multiple goals and want to adopt multiple new technologies, be clear on your priorities and focus your effort on the tools that will help you achieve your most important strategic goals first.

2. Be driven both top down and bottom up.

Transformations don’t succeed without support from the executive level. At the same time, your low-level employees will be most impacted by any changes. Incorporating their insights and their concerns about workflows and processes can make buy-in to your vision for the future much easier.

3. Be both experimental and practical.

Because digital transformation is about new technology, you shouldn’t expect 100% success. Budget some time and funds for experimentation with new technology, to allow your team to gain experience and to develop a better understanding of the potential benefits. Accept the possibility that some of these experiments may fail. At the same time, your team shouldn’t experiment with a new technology simply because it’s “cool.” There should be a clear application of the technology to business goals.

4. Recognize that this is a learning process.

Much of becoming a better business through better use of technology is a learning process. Not every new technology, even when successfully deployed, will immediately transform your business. Understand that your staff needs to be trained in the new technology and there needs to be a continuous process of explaining the purpose for the changes to obtain their buy-in.

5. Don’t try to do it alone.

It’s difficult to successfully implement and leverage new technology that you have no familiarity with. Instead, get strategic advice and hands-on implementation support from an experienced IT services firm with experience in your industry.

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