M365 and How it Can Improve Efficiency for Your Business

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Unlike the previous versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 is a subscription service by the tech giant. Now, you’re probably wondering why you’d want to pay for something such as M365 on an ongoing basis. The simple answer is consistency, and businesses have used this subscription to enhance their operations and speed up precision and speed of delivery.

What is Microsoft 365?

In most PCs, the refresh cycle tends to be around 5 to 6 years long before users purchase their next computer. In the last several years, many companies have started to switch to a subscription model when selling software. If you look at Adobe and Photoshop, you cannot just simply purchase Photoshop outright anymore; you have to purchase a subscription.

As part of the subscription, you will always get the latest version and updates each year. For a long time, Microsoft used to sell box software at first, but with M365, this has changed.

With the right subscription, you can install all the traditional applications on your computer. For instance, you can install Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access. Not only do you have the ability to install them on your PC, but you can also install them on your tablet or phone and get access to all updates and support.

New Features of Microsoft 365

One example of the interesting new features includes dark mode. This changes the background and makes it dark, which helps your eyes relax. In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can now create animated gifs and save them to use later. When you start using Excel, it’s much easier to take data from a PDF file and put it in a spreadsheet.

These are just some of the recent examples of new features. Keep in mind, however, that any time new features come out, you can access them with a Microsoft 365 subscription.


With 365 subscriptions, you also get access to Microsoft OneDrive, which allows you to store files in the cloud. In this, you get incredible options for storage, and with more storage, you have better working capacity. It also allows businesses to access important files from any location, which improves productivity when working remotely. It’s also a good way to share data and files with others if you want to work together with people.

If you click on the folder or an individual file, you can share either of them easily. Along with all of that, you also get a personal vault option, which is where you can store confidential data such as your passport photo or your social security card.


When you’re part of the M365 subscription, this application will easily improve communication between workers of an organization. It allows you to ensure rapid communication, which helps boost productivity.

Get Equipped with M365 Integrations Today

Prescient Solutions can easily help you navigate different M365 applications and programs. There are multiple different applications available, which means that you can pick one that is tailored to your needs. At Prescient Solutions, we have technical expertise and experience to assess your enterprise network and guide you on how to use your M365 subscription model to get the most value for the price you pay.

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