Are These Your Top IT Challenges in 2020?

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There are constant challenges in information technology. Deciding where to focus your efforts is the key to achieving stable infrastructure that supports the business. Some of the more important IT challenges that need your attention in 2020 include:

1. Security and data protection

The battle against hackers is never-ending. Ransomware has the ability to completely hobble a business; in fact, one study says that 20 percent of small businesses hit by ransomware simply shutter their doors. Other security threats like distributed denial of services attacks can prevent a business’s website from functioning, and spearphishing can result in bank accounts being emptied. New data privacy laws make data breaches more costly to businesses.

2. Multi-cloud security and management

Most businesses have hybrid IT configurations, with some resources in cloud and some on premises. It’s also becoming common to have multi-cloud IT configurations. These designs, which utilize multiple clouds to obtain best-in-class capabilities or provide disaster recovery solutions, introduce security and management complexity. It’s difficult to obtain comprehensive visibility across clouds, while at the same time, numerous processes are required to transfer data, synchronize systems, and integrate services.

3. Agility and innovation

It’s easy to spend a lot of money and implement complex cloud configurations that do little to change your ability to leverage IT effectively. Cloud can provide agility and enable DevOps processes that transform your business, but this requires doing more than simply migrating resources to cloud. It requires a new vision and the changing the way you use your IT resources. It also requires finding the balance between enabling self-service capabilities and implementing governance that ensures data and resources are used properly.

4. Technical skills

Having the right skills on your technology team is important for supporting your existing technology base, managing the transition to cloud, and assessing new technologies for potential future use. Hiring and retaining skilled staff is a constant struggle for many businesses, with an impact that affects your capabilities today and your ability to achieve your future goals.

5. Automation and efficiency

Manual processes are unreliable and inefficient, and many organizations will benefit from a substantial automation effort. Not only will automation ensure repeatability and correctness in routine processes, it frees up staff to focus on other projects that require creativity and insight.

6. Disaster recovery and business continuity

Every business needs a DR/BC strategy; simply migrating to the cloud may reduce the chance of needing to invoke that plan, but the plan still needs to exist and to be tested to verify its effectiveness.

In addition to these challenges facing almost every business, every business will have its own unique challenges due to its industry and the business history. CIO advisory services from Prescient Solutions help businesses in Chicago and Schaumburg understand the challenges they face and assign appropriate priorities. With support from Prescient Solutions, you can implement strategies to achieve those goals. Contact us to learn more about CIO Strategic Advisory services from Prescient Solutions.

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