The Best Help Desk May Be the One You Can’t See

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When you’re in trouble and need a hand, the arrival of a first responder provides much-needed reassurance that you’re getting the help you need. In the digital world, first responders can respond digitally. While sometimes on-site support is needed—physical configuration problems need to be corrected physically—a virtual help desk can provide advantages compared to maintaining your own on-site desktop support team.

Virtual Efficiency

The virtual team’s process will ensure that problems are routed to the appropriate support person quickly. Because virtual support teams can use remote access tools to see end users’ desktops and even take over their machines, a virtual help desk can see everything an on-site support person would see. The response can be more efficient than an on-site team, because remote access lets them view the problem as soon as they’re contacted, without needing to arrive at a specific office location.

Virtual Cost Effectiveness

Keeping your own on-site help desk team is often more expensive than a virtual help desk team. Besides the cost of salaries and benefits, an on-site team requires office space, equipment, and ongoing training. Because virtual teams may support several clients, these overhead costs are shared.

Virtual Expertise

Depending on the size of a business, the in-house support team may be small and consist of only one or two people. This small team can’t be expert in all the tools used by the business. A virtual help desk, composed of many people, can be fully expert in the technologies your business relies on. A virtual help desk is able to provide multiple tiers of support, ranging from basic issues that can be resolved by looking up standard solutions in a knowledge base to more complex issues that require true expertise and sophisticated investigation to determine the root cause and apply an effective resolution.

Virtual Availability

Your in-house team takes sick days and vacation days; they prefer not to be disturbed after hours. A virtual help desk is typically available 24/7. Remote access also lets them support employees even when the employees are working away from the office.

Virtual Smart Resource Management

Because virtual help desk teams are cost-effective and don’t use your IT resources, they free up budget and manpower you can apply to strategic projects instead of troubleshooting. Your team can focus on growing the business rather than just keeping it running. Your virtual team can easily adapt to changes in your business, both in the number of support resources needed and the technical skills required.

Virtual Help Desks in Chicago

Prescient Solutions virtual help desk services make our expert team your expert team. We have more than 20 years of experience helping businesses find cost-effective solutions to their information technology problems. With certifications that span network infrastructure, hardware, operating systems, security, virtual environments, and specific applications, we bring both broad and deep knowledge bases to investigating and resolving your system problems. Contact us for a free assessment and to discuss how virtual help desk services can help your organization run more smoothly.

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