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The cloud’s become such an important technology that most companies don’t have just one. Multi-cloud environments are now the norm, whether that means multiple public clouds or a hybrid environment combining both public and private clouds. That’s one reason that Microsoft Azure adoption is now up to 34% of surveyed professionals.

Reasons for Using Microsoft Azure

There are multiple reasons companies choose to use Microsoft Azure as their cloud provider. One of the biggest is that Azure is built on the same Windows technologies that are the backbone of internal data centers: Windows Server, Active Directory, and other familiar technologies are the foundation of any Azure cloud environment.

Familiar applications come along with those familiar server technologies. Microsoft Azure offers templates to help get users quickly set up with business applications like SharePoint. Licenses can be ported from your data center to Azure, reducing your costs and simplifying license management.

Using Microsoft Azure offers companies a wide range of instance types, ensuring you can match performance to your needs and budget, with the flexibility to easily add capacity if your demands grow. With instances that can handle general computing needs, the demands of big data analytics, or the intensive computation of high performance computing, there’s a “right fit” Azure environment for every business.

Plus, you can work with Azure where you need it. Azure has 34 regions around the world, letting you locate applications and data near their users for the best performance. If you need a hybrid cloud, Azure Stack simplifies creating a private cloud that conforms to the same operations and management model in the public cloud.

Change Your Business to Run On Cloud

Once you’ve made the move to cloud, you’ll realize it’s not just about running your technology in the cloud; it’s about running your business in the cloud. Azure opens up new ways of doing business that offer opportunities and benefits beyond the technical ones.

With cloud, you can fully implement DevOps as your application delivery methodology. Azure fully supports automation tools such as Jenkins and Ansible, allowing you to streamline deployments. Of course, in addition to streamlining application deployment, Azure cloud also streamlines provisioning new hardware when you need it, as well.

Cloud also lets you take full advantage of your business data. The scalable storage in the cloud makes collecting Big Data practical, while Azure’s support for Hadoop, analytics, and machine learning simplifies turning raw data into actionable insights.

In fact, Azure provides support for many special business needs, including gaming, digital media, Internet of Things devices, and mobile application development. The suites of tools available means Azure isn’t just a new way of managing your IT infrastructure; it’s a new way of thinking about how IT can meet your business needs.

Prescient Solutions offers Azure services to help you leverage all the features of Microsoft Azure. As a Microsoft Partner, we have expertise and insight to guide your usage of the cloud and use it to improve how you deliver IT to your internal users and how you deliver results to your customers. Contact us to get started with Azure.

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