Cloud Security Myths Shouldn’t Stand In Your Way

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If you’re still hesitant about using cloud due to security considerations, you aren’t alone. Surveys still find that more than half of companies think on-premises security is better than cloud security.

It’s clear: the message hasn’t gotten out yet. The cloud is as secure as your local data center, maybe even more so. Let’s clear up the myths about cloud security.

Myth 1: Cloud Isn’t Secure

This is probably the biggest myth. Most likely this idea comes from the fact that cloud is accessible from anywhere by design. But accessible from everywhere doesn’t mean accessible by everyone; access control, encryption, firewalls, and specialized tools designed for cloud all provide appropriate levels of protection. You don’t need physical access to your computing resources to secure them.

Myth 2: Cloud Isn’t Compliant

Using cloud can make it easier to make your IT compliant with your industry standards, not harder. Many cloud providers offer environments certified for compliance with standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS. Some cloud providers are certified to meet the federal government’s FedRAMP standard. Use one of these environments for your cloud and many of your compliance responsibilities are already met.

Myth 3: Cloud Means Giving Up Control of Security

It’s a big mistake to think that you have no responsibility for security when you use cloud. In fact, security in the cloud is a partnership between the cloud provider and you. The cloud provider ensures physical security and that systems have the latest patches applied. While cloud providers offer data encryption, you usually have the option to manage your own keys. You are still responsible for application security and must manage access privileges appropriately.

Myth 4: Cloud Security Is Too Complicated

This myth is the flip side of myth 3: the belief that you have to implement cloud security yourself and it’s too hard for your team. In fact, implementing security for your on-premises equipment is already too hard for most teams; that’s why there are so many data breaches. Because the cloud provider handles a lot of the routine security functionality, your team’s job becomes easier.

Don’t Let Cloud Security Myths Stop You From Using the Cloud

Make sure you understand the realities of cloud security so you can take it into account when you develop your cloud strategy. The benefits of cloud, including reduced costs and greater agility, shouldn’t be outweighed by mistaken concerns about whether data in the cloud will be safe. Work with Prescient Solutions to develop a cloud strategy that lets you gain those benefits without putting your data at risk. Contact us to learn more about how to achieve data security in the cloud.

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