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In 2021, ransomware attacks and cybersecurity issues have become rampant. Sure, cloud solutions are highly secure and can simplify your entire IT operations, but the last thing businesses need is to look for a one-size-fits-all cloud solution.

Instead, it would be best to create a roadmap of “your” IT needs and opt for a cloud solution that allows you to achieve your business objectives. It would help if you opted for a cloud computing solution that improves your hardware and software performance.

Similarly, make sure the cloud solution is viable, flexible and increases your availability and uptime. Some of the best cloud solutions have seamless integration.  If there’s real-time sharing, then you would be able to collaborate better.

Importance of Cloud Solutions

Cloud adoption in the public service market will hit $623 billion by 2023 throughout the world. In 2020, more than 80% of organizations managed to shift their workloads to a cloud solution. And why wouldn’t they? Cloud solutions have become quintessential for businesses that have limited staff and infrastructure and still want to drive long-term business growth.

Think of the cloud solution as the answer to achieve scalable flexibility. With the right cloud service provider and IT support team – you’d be surprised how much cloud solution can make a difference. Cloud solutions now serve as an opportunity for businesses to maintain and simplify organizational tasks.

What Cloud Solution Can Simplify Your IT Needs the Most?

Focus on cloud solutions that can save internal resources and reduce IT infrastructure spending. For instance, opt for more than one in-demand cloud solution like disaster recovery or a cloud-based data protection platform.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is essential to make sure your systems are live and functional without delay. Once you leverage a disaster recovery solution, you can switch your IT systems over to the cloud and get remote access. You may not realize it but a disaster recovery solution is one of the best practices to decrease recovery time and cut out the need to depend on traditional IT systems. With a disaster recovery solution, you won’t have to worry about malware attacks, hardware and software failures, and human errors.


Businesses can run online applications and desktops with a cloud-based backup and storage system with the Azure platform. The dedicated cloud service has become a standard in the cloud computing landscape and allows organizations to make the most out of their integrated migration tools.

Essentially, Azure is a hybrid-based cloud solution that enables businesses to manage and integrate environments. It also supports various operating systems and has become most reliable for small and medium-sized businesses.

In terms of customer support, Azure provides businesses with online tutorials and informative documentation. Through Azure, you can ensure the scalability and security of your company. The data backup and multi-layer security of Azure keep files safe and grant employees remote data access instantly. Overall, it’s an impressive cloud solution for different business models.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an excellent cloud-based solution for enterprises because it offers the most effective ways to modernize and transform your business needs and IT infrastructure. The cloud-based service provides incredible tools for businesses and entrepreneurs to make work more efficient.

Also, the collaborative experience on Microsoft 365 allows you to foster a collaborative culture and take productivity to the next level. Besides, companies don’t want to drown in endless paperwork. And this is where Office 365 has become so influential. It allows you to manage and improve workflows and secure valuable data at the same time.

What Makes Up a Perfect Cloud Solution?

In the end, whether you run a small business or large corporation, make sure to opt for the cloud solution that offers top-notch security, versioning, sharing, and other dedicated perks. Personalized and innovative cloud solutions allow businesses to maintain scalable operations, ensure excellent IT infrastructure, and drive growth.

Final Thoughts

You can reach out to a professional and experienced IT service provider to figure out the cloud solution that caters to your business needs. After all, each cloud solution comes with its functionalities and features. So, don’t look for the most expensive or cheapest one. Instead, assess the user-friendliness and features beforehand to make the right decision.

Prescient has partnered with Datto, Cisco Meraki, Ring Central, Kaseya BMS, Kaseya VSA, Webroot, and IT Glue. With Prescient, you can maintain efficient cloud-based business operations without issues. You can count on the dedicated support and committed staff of Prescient to roll out a cloud solution. 

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