Digital Vulnerability Series Wrap-Up

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Just how vulnerable are you in the digital world? The reality is more than you probably think. Last week, Jerry Irvine, Prescient Solutions CIO and Partner and member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber-Security Leadership Council, discussed this topic on WGN-TV’s hack week. Check out the videos below:

Can Hackers Turn Your Vehicle Into a Remote Control Car?

It can happen. Hackers — the criminal kind — can take over your car and do anything remotely that you as the owner can do electronically.

Cars today come with all the bells and whistles. Windows that clean themselves, trunks that open automatically-even when hands are full, massage modes for car seats, lane centering to keep you between the lines, automatic brakes before you crash, automatic stop and start engines, automatic parking, self driving cars.

Making life easier? Sure. But it does come at a price.

Preventing Your Social Media From Being Hacked

In today’s world of technology and social media, the security of our personal information is a huge concern.

So, how can you avoid being hacked? Irvine discusses the top three password tips to keep your account secure.

How Safe Are You on Social Media?

Facebook has over a billion daily active users and there are more than 300 million users a month on Twitter.

While millions, even billions, are connecting on social media worldwide, what are the pictures, the captions, the details of your page really telling about you. Could it land you in trouble or even put you in danger?

The Dangers of Webcams

Anywhere you find those tiny little lenses, someone is capable of recording, maybe even streaming video and sound of you. But would you know it? In the hands of the wrong person, the worst imaginable is possible.

Webcams are everywhere.  On your tablet, your iPad, your smartphone, your nanny cam in your nursery. Those are the ones you know about and largely forget about. But should you?

How Safe is the Wi-Fi You’re Using?

Public Wi-Fi is readily available these days.  It could be at a local coffee shop, your workplace much like this. Everyone just trying to save their own data, right?

Jerry Irvine is the CIO with Chicago based Prescient Solutions, an IT company. He calls himself a geek and a white hat hacker and roote out weak spots in his clients’ networks.

We invited Irvine to WGN. Gave him an office and asked him to get to work to see what he could learn about our building’s Wi-Fi and what’s moving throughout it.


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