Documentation in the IT Space

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It’s important to be knowledgeable with your technical skills to maintain your network and infrastructure. What’s equally as important is being able to properly note things about your network and infrastructure. Documentation is critical in every industry and IT is no exception. There are many reasons why it should be a big part in your day-to-day tasks.

Track Work

This is almost a no brainer. Jobs sometimes take longer than expected. When they do, it’s good to keep track of what has been accomplished already. That way, when the project makes progress again, you know the next task quickly and efficiently. Even small jobs should be tracked.

Centralized Notes/Instructions

There are countless times when certain engineers or employees are tasked with managing services for the whole team. For when that person isn’t available, someone else must be able to control those services. Documentation could be the central guide for the team to be able to manage everything even though you don’t necessarily use or are tasked with that job every day.

Stress-free on Remembering

No matter how intelligent and individual can be, it’s pretty much impossible to remember every component of a client’s infrastructure. Remove the single point of failure of just remembering and have it saved somewhere that others can look at.


It’s a good way to learn and understand technology. Having this as a resource for upcoming technicians in the field may utilize this documentation to help themselves advance their career but also their team on making sure they can run the environment.

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