Don’t Fall for the Disaster Recovery Myths: New Guide

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Could Your Business be at Risk?

There are a lot of myths about disaster recovery (DR), and falling for them can cause big problems when a crisis occurs. Even though a disaster can shut your business down—sometimes permanently—many companies fail to create a disaster recovery plan. That’s because they believe the biggest myth of all: that disaster won’t happen to them.

While your company may never be inundated during a 100-year flood, there are plenty of smaller everyday disasters that put every business at risk, including those as minor as someone tripping over a cord.

And even companies that have a disaster recovery plan can still be at risk if they fall for these 5 disaster recovery myths. Creating your disaster recovery strategy requires making smart choices from available technologies.

Discover those disaster recovery myths and how you can avoid them, while protecting your organization, with an effective DR plan in this new Disaster Recovery guide.

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