Don’t Settle for a Backup Solution that Only Does Backups

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A good backup solution does much more than simply provide disaster recovery. Backups help you:

  • protect the data created by remote workers. With more employees working from home, making sure their files get treated with the same care as files created in the office is important.
  • protect data stored in Office 365 (now Microsoft 365). Microsoft provides a level of backup support for Microsoft 365, but it doesn’t provide the finely tuned archiving and retention policies many businesses need.
  • recover from malware and ransomware. Accurate, uncorrupted backups are a vital tool for recovering from malware and ransomware attacks.
  • meet legal and compliance requirements. Many industries have specific retention requirements for data and communications records. In addition, historic data must be available to search for e-discovery purposes. A smart backup solution makes meeting these requirements easier.
  • conduct analytics projects. Backups contain the historic data records needed for analytics projects.
  • develop new applications. Analytics projects aren’t the only efforts that need historical data. Many other projects require data for testing purposes. Development projects are very often delayed while waiting for the needed data to be loaded onto development and test servers. Modern backup tools can make this data available through self-service and also provide copy data management to ensure that the data is properly controlled.

Veeam v10 Meets Many Needs

With Veeam v10’s new generation of data protection, businesses can do more with their backups. Veeam v10:

  • ensures rapid access to data. Recovery is nearly instantaneous. Backups can be leveraged not only for recovery but also to support development projects and analytics.
  • works with your environment and applications. Veeam is designed to provide speedy backups for critical applications including SAP, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgresSQL. When you need to recover, you are able to immediately restore to VMware vSphere; Nutanix AHV workloads are also supported. Database snapshots and logs enable granular recovery.
  • protects your data and your business. Immutable backups offer protection against ransomware. Your backups provide insights to help you utilize storage more effectively and reduce costs.

Old-fashioned backups focused on one thing: creating data copies, without giving much thought to how the data would be used for recovery and other purposes. Today, the risks to data and the value of data to the business mean backups can’t be that limited in scope. Your backup strategy needs to look at a bigger picture. Prescient Solutions creates backup and disaster recovery strategies that make backups a valuable business asset. Contact us to learn more about how a backup strategy built around Veeam v10 can enhance your business.

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