Evaluate Your Technology and Plan for the Future With An Infrastructure Assessment

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Keeping software and hardware current is an ongoing task. It’s not just a matter of keeping up with security risks and meeting today’s business needs; your infrastructure needs to support your business’s growth and ongoing development.

Make sure your data center is ready to handle those business demands with an infrastructure assessment that identifies your vulnerabilities, constraints, and challenges, and identifies steps to take to get you ready for the future.

Infrastructure assessments help you evaluate the following areas to make sure you’re getting the most out of your technology:

  • servers, including use of physical machines, virtual machines, and cloud
  • storage
  • network
  • print and auxiliary services
  • desktop and other end user devices
  • security
  • backup and disaster recovery capabilities

The Infrastructure Assessment Process

Although a comprehensive infrastructure assessment looks at your complete technical environment, it doesn’t disrupt your current technology or your technical team’s everyday work. Using tools that scan your network, the assessment team can build a complete picture of your network. This allows our team to identify your current vulnerabilities.

The data collected from the scan also serves as the input to assess how well the technology is meeting your current needs and your projected future demands.

Using the Infrastructure Assessment

Once your infrastructure assessment is complete, you can evaluate the issues that require immediate attention, such as security vulnerabilities or imminent capacity shortages. These issues need to be addressed on an urgent basis to prevent problems right now.

The infrastructure assessment also provides input for developing a strategy to prepare your infrastructure for the future. It should help you identify the areas where you’re doing well and the areas where you are weaker. Understanding your weaknesses helps you prioritize your future spending and lets you see where you could benefit from new technology or from consulting or managed services.

It’s important that the infrastructure assessment itself and the review of the report take the business needs into consideration. The assessment isn’t about having the latest and greatest technology in your data center for its own sake; it’s about having technology that you can use effectively to achieve your business goals. The decisions you make should be based on the needs of the business and your customers.

With 20 years of experience providing IT services to Chicago-area business, the Prescient Solutions infrastructure assessment is based on a deep understanding of technology and how it impacts business success. Use our infrastructure assessment to evaluate and address your most pressing technology issues. Contact us to arrange an infrastructure assessment that will get your technology up to date and ready to help your business grow.

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