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Although using Office 365 online means Microsoft provides a great deal of support for these business-critical products, many businesses find it valuable to obtain support and managed services for Office 365 from third-party providers.

Here’s why you should consider obtaining Office 365 support from Prescient Solutions:

Deployment support

Switching to Office 365 isn’t something you should rush in to. Prescient Solutions can help you make the decision and develop and implement your migration strategy. Because of our experience, your files and email will transition smoothly to the cloud.

Hybrid deployment support

Microsoft is expert on their product, but not on what goes on in your data center. If your requirements call from a hybrid Office 365 set up, with integration between on-site components and the cloud, our support team can combine expert insight into Office 365 with knowledge of your on premises configuration to make sure your hybrid deployment works effectively. Whether you work entirely in the cloud or combine with local components, we ensure your identification and authentication and overall security is seamless.

Customization and integration

SharePoint development services allow us to customize your deployment and integrate your workflows.

End-user support

Sometimes the most challenging part of working with any technology isn’t supporting the technology itself but helping users make the most of it. End-user support ensures your employees’ Office 365 questions and problems are always addressed by an expert in the technology.

Performance and problem monitoring

Your Office 365 configuration is continuously monitored for performance and other problems. Troubleshooting starts as soon as the problem occurs.

Expertise on call

Because Prescient Solutions provides support to numerous businesses, we have a depth of experience with Office 365 that your in-house team just can’t match, no matter how dedicated and trained they are. Because of our experience, we know how to set up Office 365 and can resolve any problems rapidly. You have support available 24x7x365.

Prioritized personal attention

Let’s face it, Microsoft is a big company, and unless you’re an equally big company, you aren’t going to receive a lot of personal attention from them. When you get your Office 365 support from Prescient Solutions, you get expert support from a Microsoft Partner who is dedicated to making sure you are empowered by your Office 365 deployment.

Office 365 managed services can save your IT team a significant amount of time—time they can spend working on non-routine, business-specific IT challenges that offer great value to your business. Contact Prescient Solutions to learn how to free up your IT team with our Office 365 services.

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