How MSPs can Help Your Navigate the Great Resignation Issues

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Starting at approximately March 2021 and then continuing until the present day, the Great Resignation is used to describe the period when American workers started quitting their jobs in large, above-average numbers. As the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic began to ease down in the United States, job openings increased in industries that were hit hardest during the pandemic. These industries included leisure, accommodation, healthcare, and more.

Many people have also come out of the pandemic with different ideas for work environments and what they prefer. They have also considered switching jobs if their current work environment does not live up to their expectations. Every person switches a job due to personal reasons and circumstances; however, there are some specific factors surrounding the great resignation that need to be discussed.

Factors of the Great Designation

Firstly, workers who were considering resigning before the pandemic in 2020 stayed with their employers and delayed their decision until the job market was in a better position after the lockdown. Employees also find remote work more effective, which makes them question the on-premise work model and whether it is effective.

During the pandemic, various life changes caused workers to develop a desire for a better work-life balance. Pandemic experiences also allowed workers to gain a new life perspective in which they reevaluated their priorities. Moreover, low-wage workers are now seeking new job markets so that they can earn a better income.

Workers are also now more interested in living where they want instead of confining themselves to a neighborhood that’s close to their workplace. Being locked inside their homes has caused an increased urge and interest to travel and explore the world. Therefore, switching employers to ones that allow this kind of freedom and flexibility is a very appealing option for workers.

Furthermore, people have also come out of the pandemic with greater values and interests. Therefore, people are not willing to work for companies that compromise their values and interests. People are also interested in switching their work for more traditional reasons such as the need for better compensation, benefits, and income. Another reason is a lack of advancement opportunities in their current position.

Retaining Employees in the Great Resignation

Retaining employees and hiring them has never been more challenging for companies. In addition to the usual factors that employers have had to deal with in the past, they now have to keep track of employees’ increasing appetites. This is why they are offering options to work from home and also aligning company goals to match workers’ values.

Research shows that according to employees, a bad working environment and toxic workplace culture is the number one reason for them to resign. This is why having a trusted third-party entity is essential in improving working relationships with workers and equipping your workforce with the best IT team.

Benefits of Hiring an MSP in Times of the Great Resignation

Hardly a week goes by without the news of a data breach, ransomware attack, or cyber attack due to companies staffing incapable workers. Data breaches and IT management today are becoming more complex. With costs of litigation, responses, and more, large corporations and government agencies are making headlines for cyber security issues. However, small to medium-sized businesses are no different.

With today’s increasing challenges of managing business and IT issues, hiring a capable workforce with the expertise to adopt digital solutions is becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Today, more businesses are hiring service providers rather than hiring an IT department to manage their technology needs.

This rids them of the troubles and costs of hiring talents in this scarcely populated and highly competitive job market. A managed service provider or MSP will provide IT services for small and medium-sized businesses that do not want the hassle or costs of dealing with technology challenges on-site.

Since today’s technology allows businesses to manage all systems with the help of the internet, MSPs are able to protect, support, and monitor their customer’s computer systems and networks from separate locations. This means that you will not need to accommodate new hires and still have highly skilled experts working on your IT.

Why You Should Hire an MSP

MSPs can provide a highly technical staff when you need them. If something goes wrong or you need to ask questions about your business IT, you simply need to call them on the phone once. You do not have to call a team of IT staff to deal with hardware and software challenges. Secondly, managed service providers can also help provide you with more money, time, and space to run your business.

Once you no longer face the need to hire additional staff, you will be able to navigate the great resignation and save thousands of dollars on hiring campaigns, salaries, benefits, and taxes. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to plan and budget for their tech needs.

Allow Prescient to Accommodate for the Great Resignation

With assistance from Prescient Solutions, you can easily deal with the issues arising from the great resignation. Having them as a partner means that you have a one-stop solution to all your IT-related issues. They can deploy expertise and tools that will enhance your company’s IT department and deal with other organizational problems that require massive hiring.

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