How Partnering with Managed IT Service Solutions can Be Beneficial

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In today’s age, businesses that do not integrate IT solutions and leverage from digital optimization are usually ones that fall behind. There is a world of growth opportunities and benefits that come with digitalization. Yet, many businesses are slow to adopt IT solutions and shift their operations online.

The reason is often regarding the lack of infrastructure and talent that not only runs, but also monitors and maintains servers. This is a fair justification when you consider the amount of cost and time it takes to hire new talent and deploy IT infrastructure to the business. However, this is where managed IT service solutions can be pivotal.

What is Managed IT Service?

A managed IT service provider is an entity that acts as a third party help for businesses ready to dive deep into virtualization. Their core purpose is handle all the operations that take place online, monitor them, update them and also protect them. For businesses, it is like outsourcing all digital duties to an entrusted service that specializes in that task.

Services Included

The model of a managed IT service is incredibly vast and includes many different processes. By siding with a service of such kind, you get to benefit from the skills of a chief information officer for a fraction of the cost. You will also have a team of experts look after and monitor all of your devices and network. You also have alerts for critical services.

Asset Management

You also have the option to integrate high security services to your system. This involves patching, in which IT professionals will patch software operating systems. Whether it is a server, desktop, laptop or other device, each will be subject to layers of security and access protocols. Other service includes in asset management, in which you will have software that tracks your entire asset.

Help Desk

Tracking assets refers to showcasing all the analytics that helps track it for you and brings out all the analytics for it. IT management solutions can also provide your business with a help desk and remote monitoring service. This allows your business to integrate a higher level of customer service to their business by becoming more prompt with all the queries and complains that they receive.

Cyber Security

Application support is also a key integration since it allows you to make changes instantly without having to worry about any bugs and errors. Help desk technicians are agents that look after many of machines that are operating on the cloud. These professionals also have remote, authorized and contractual access which means that they can perform their duties without being on business premise. This keeps businesses from making additional arrangements and workspace.

As more and more businesses are now moving to virtual spaces, there is an emergent and growing need for cyber security. Small measures such as password resets, upgrades, antivirus deployments, malware protections are starting to have much more precedence. Similarly, proactive management and data backups are also a huge reason of having a managed IT service by your side.

This is largely because data and reports show that mid-sized businesses have suffered incredible amount of costs due to data breaches. The proactive security management, recovery services and data backup that an MSP provides can help businesses scale without having to worry about cyber attacks. These services are key parts of your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.


With Bring Your Own Device on the verge, MSPs can also help deploy MDM support. This means that that they can monitor mobile devices for businesses to make sure that there is no foreign invasion inside the business servers.

Leverage from a Program

Most third party service providers will offer you a complete system. The agents that help strengthen your system are incredibly smart. They are able to completely scan your system 24/7 so that you get real time alerts and warnings. Automated network scanning and cloud migration are also programs that can help better secure your business.  Not to mention, they will also help you with HIPAA compliance and PCI compliance.


Less Cost

The key benefits of having an MSP handle your IT sector start with cost effectiveness. By using services like these, you will be using a model that follows a pay-as-you-go model. This is similar with almost all cloud providers, in which you have to only pay for the services that you are acquiring. Moreover, you are also only going to pay according to the machines they offer.

All of this contributes to predictable costs and you know how much cost you will have to cover. This is better than having to pay a fix rate since IT expenditures will often fluctuate. One month you may have no IT expenditures, while in the other months you can have much more expenditures due to a disaster occurring.

More Focus

You have to look at the different systems and make sure that you apply all practices so that you are compliant in every way that you need to be. Partnering with a managed service provider means that you have a partner that provides software and tech services for you. By having such assistance, business leaders can focus on more important decisions and operations without being distracted by the IT side of things.

Not to mention, you can also enjoy a much faster resolution of issues. The cloud platforms are often equipped with tools that work by integrating quick notifications. These notifications automate alerts whenever there is an activity occurrence outside of the normative IT spectrum.

This contributes to quick warnings and resolutions which mitigates downtime and eradicated disaster costs. Overall, you will not be worrying about whether the server is working or not. Instead, you will be having complete trust on the platform and server to do its job without any hurdles.

Partner With Prescient Solutions!

Prescient Solutions are a managed IT service provider that specializes in cloud-oriented services. To it’s clients, Prescient is not only a provider, but also a partner. Despite not being a shareholder, Prescient will treat your business as if it is a big part of it. Your win is our win, and your loss is our loss.

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