How to Develop a Secure and Efficient Roadmap for your Team

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Good security needs to be proactive. There are many organizations where the security teams are purely reactive. This means that they have been reactive and never been alert to different projects. This is something that needs to be discouraged if you want to set protocols that focus on security and efficiency.

As a business leader, you focus needs to direct towards getting organizations to change from a reactive security team to a proactive security team. To accomplish that goal, businesses need to have a roadmap and develop it to provide the enterprise with some direction.

What Does Good Security Look Like?

Good security is one that unobtrusive. If the security is too obtrusive, then you can expect to come across unwanted obstacles. A security team exists to enable a business and allow them to do what they need to do in a secure manner. Under certain circumstances, a security team may present disruptions, but this should not be a common occurrence.

Ideally, businesses need to work with a security team that will be beneficial to an organization, without getting into the way of business processes. Another thing that is important is coverage. This refers to the tools that need to come in place. Many of the tools that you are in place come from purchasing and in many organizations, these tools can be instrumental.

Good security requires risk management as well, because businesses need to well aware of all the probable risks. Moreover, they also need to understand what a business needs to implement to counter those risks and minimize them. Businesses also need to be very cost effective since security solutions can sometimes break a business’s budget.

If a security solution costs two or three times a business’s annual revenue, then they are not going to be able to allot their money properly. Businesses also need to understand the current cyber security threats that are looming in their particular industry. If a security team does not have a grasp on what is currently going on in the world, then you will have trouble securing the business networks and servers.

Good security implementation also needs to be repeatable. Many security teams usually end up solving the same problems repeatedly. If you are able to fix that, then solving the problem will lead to a much easier workflow, resulting in a more efficient work model. Not to mention, good security is also one that enforces high level of documentation.

 Functions that Lead to Good Security

There are some functions that need to happen in an organization in order to implement security. Firstly, you need to have some sort of risk and compliance feature. This can also refer to governance, and contributes to identifying what you need to protect and determining whether you are protecting it in the right way.

You also need to design some sort of security architecture and design component within an organization. To do this, the security team or entity needs to work very closely with the business to try and understand their specific requirements and cyber threats. They should also know which projects need additional protection and which ones are not important.

Security administration is another function that is a fairly standard method that manages access control and reviews suspicious activities in the system. You also have security operations that are based on detect and respond strategy, and also identify what may be coming your way in terms of malware attacks.

Building Your Cyber Security Team

Building your cyber security team can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to make it scalable. The reason why you need to make it scalable is so that the team is able to meet challenges as a business grows.  You have to make sure that there are enough resources in the first place.

For example, you may have to put a process core on it for firewall management, and you need to also apply the firewall on the technology level. You need to make sure that you have your firewalls implemented in areas within your business that should be implemented. These areas include your internet connections and others.

Once you have placed your firewalls, you want to make sure that you implement maturity scores. The reason why you would want to do that is because it will make it easier for you to track any improvements and progress. If you are doing this against technology, then it will quickly bring all technologies to the forefront of your priority.

For instance, in an intrusion detection and prevention systems, you often find that people switch it on and after that it simply sits there.   Other thing that you need to focus on is an incident response plan, and you can find them in many organizations where the incident response plan is defined. However, some enterprises will never use their incident response plan.

This means that whenever an incident occurs, they will do anything other than what is in their internal response plan. Most of the time, this is because people do not necessarily know that the plan exists, but other times, it is because the plan does not actually address what is happening. Businesses also need to look at where the security recommendations are accepted and implemented in regards to instance response.

Other Analytical Considerations

Other analytical considerations involve finding out how soon the machine was compromised. This is important if you want to deploy an incident response strategy that is efficient and secure. Overall, developing a security framework for your organization is a ton of work, planning, strategizing considerations, and repeated efforts.

Business owners and employees cannot be bothered with these tasks. They not only lack the expertise to do them, but they also do not have the time at hand. This is why it is best that you seek assistance from third party security providers.

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