How to Keep Your Technology Secure During COVID-19 Outbreak

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With a pandemic upon us, companies around the globe have rolled out mandatory remote work. When a situation as such arises, there comes many questions and concerns. Is your organization prepared for this shift? Below are some tips to help your business stay secure during this sensitive time.

Tips to Stay Protected

  • Safeguard confidential business and personal information with sensitive information being encrypted
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when working and when accessing company information systems remotely
  • Implement and enforce two-factor or multi-factor authentications (MFA).
  • Have a remote monitoring tool in place and provide 24/7 help desk services.
  • Require security software on employee devices and ensure that all versions are up to date with all necessary patches.
  • Consider prohibiting access to company information systems while on public Wi-Fi.
  • Consider Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) to help manage and secure mobile devices and applications.
  • Implement comprehensive backups to the cloud and make sure you have the network capacity to restore the data.

All of these security measures should be outlined in your business guidelines, plans, and policies. In addition, the increased security risk of remote work reinforces the need to have a plan in place. Are you staying protected with an up-to-date security policy if something goes wrong?

Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentications

Eric Datwyler, Account Relationship Manager at Prescient Solutions, discusses the importance and benefits of multi-factor authentication.

For more tips to help with your transition, read our blog or contact the remote IT experts at Prescient Solutions. While change may feel intimidating, Prescient has been running a Virtual Technology Model since 1996 and can help you and your staff get set up today!

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