Improve Your Help Desk to Help Employees Work from Home More Effectively

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Every IT service has become more critical during this time of Covid-19 and increased remote work, including help desk services. Employees can no longer ask the employee sitting next to them if they’ve encountered a similar problem. Instead, they have to figure out a solution on their own or contact the help desk. Yet they’re often frustrated by their encounters with the help desk.

Help desk employees are often overworked, so they focus on closing tickets quickly rather than focusing on user satisfaction. When businesses have their own help desks, they often aren’t able to provide those teams with adequate training and support. As a result, internal help desks are often inefficient and lack tools, skills, and training to help them resolve issues quickly. These needs include:

  • Effective ticket tracking and management.
  • Knowledge bases that make accessing solutions simple.
  • In-depth technical knowledge, of both off-the-shelf software and custom business solutions.
  • In-depth business knowledge and understanding of how technology enables the business.
  • Automation to reduce manual work and reduce errors.
  • Communication skills and time for ongoing communication between the user and help desk until the problem is resolved.
  • Appropriate metrics to track the speed and effectiveness of the problem resolutions.
  • Ownership of issues and time to see them through to the end.
  • Ability to escalate to third-party vendors and track problems through resolution.
  • 24x7x365 support team availability. 

Outsourced help desk services address all these needs and provide a high level of help desk service. Outsourced help desk teams can be either onsite or virtual. With both solutions, Prescient Solutions provides an expert, responsive help desk service that provides: 

  • Single-point of contact for all support.
  • Simple ticket initiation via phone or email.
  • Ownership of all tickets until completed.
  • Coordination with third party vendors when necessary to achieve problem resolution.
  • Certification in key technologies and Microsoft partnership providing technical expertise.
  • User administration and remote access admin support in addition to end-user problem solving.
  • Routine desktop maintenance.
  • White glove help desk experience.

Prescient Solutions’ help desk services also eliminates the impact of staff turnover. Your experienced IT staff are able to focus on important operations rather than spending time dealing with routine user issues.

Help desk services from Prescient Solutions are a cost-effective way to provide employees the support they need to succeed during these challenging times. Contact us to learn how you can improve your employees’ experience through Prescient Solutions’ help desk.

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