IoT: The Insecurity of Everything

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Earlier this week, Jerry Irvine, Prescient Solutions CIO and Partner, presented at the Midwest Accounting & Finance Showcase in Rosemont, IL.

Jerry’s session, “IOT: The Insecurity of Everything” taught attendees the weakest links in cyber security and how to minimize their threats. View a summary of the session below:

“Mobile devices can now access your network through anything from thermostats and garage door openers to toasters. Remote users who have access to your internal network provide insecure back doors to your core systems and data. The implementation of IoT even at vendors’ locations or remote employees’ homes can affect compliance of SOX, PCI, and even HIPAA. Understanding vulnerabilities of the IoT can help the organization to implement policies, processes and standards to mitigate the potential for loss.”

weakest links in cybersecurity

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