Is Your Help Desk Really Helping?

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Help desk or service desk can be instrumental for businesses. Help desk technicians and professionals are the first level of support for a business. A help desk individual acts as the first responder to IT troubleshoots and issues of a company. What’s more, help desks can help businesses overcome small hurdles such as resetting passwords, creating accounts, active directory changes, and more. They are also great for technical assistance regarding queries, staff, and members of the company.

Is it Keeping track of Support Agents?

Most of times, the help desk has play the initiating role as collaborators for the business’s support team. When they receive a ticket, they need to have the right insights and knowledge to know which support individual will best handle the issue.

They must never lose track of a ticket or a support agent. It allows businesses to track the progress of every support ticket so that not even a single issue goes unresolved. A good help desk allows businesses to swiftly resolve common customer query using tools and automated responses as well.

Another striking feature that it needs to incorporate to track agents is knowledge base. Capturing valuable customer feedback in real-time and defining queries allows support agents to coordinate and collaborate with much ease.

Defining queries is the help desk’s ability to identify the level of the problem so that they can track the right support agent for solution.

Is it resolving Issues Seamlessly?

IT help desk is also responsible for answering phones and responding to users primarily. They are responsible for receiving phone calls from customers and users. They also have to promptly respond to emails from customers. They are also sometimes answerable to groups, organization and other services.

They need to be able to either solve a particular issue, or escalate it to other support individuals or software engineers if the solution is beyond their skill set. In many companies, help desk officials’ work using the different ticketing system. These tickets reflect customer issues aligned inside a web portal.

The help desk goes through all of the tickets and ranks them according to importance. Then they try to assist users based on the ticketing requirements. They may also be responsible for installing software. Many help desk services use remote access tools which allow them to communicate into your computer from a distant location and install software remotely.

Other times, they can simply guide you on how to set up a software program. Alternatively, they can also physical help you update the software if there is a need. Generally, help desk agents help solving the common recurring IT issues, and maintaining the computing fleets of PCs inside an organization. Hence, all of these diagnostic and analytical tasks help companies enjoy a smooth support, and increases customer or user satisfaction.

Is it freeing Up your Time?

Help desk engineers keep you from bothering with basic computer troubleshooting. If there is an inconvenience that you are facing, or a problem with your computer, then they will be the first people that you will speak to.

There needs to be some form of IT experience which enables you to find out how to diagnose a computer problem. A help desk can therefore help you diagnose problems so that business leaders have time to focus on more important decisions.

When a company does not outsource IT services or integrate a team of help desk professionals, they end up using other workers within a business to resolve time consuming IT issues. This is an inexpensive way to address IT.

This is a drawback because when highly skilled individuals will spend their time in mundane IT related issue, businesses will not be able to utilize them to their maximum potential. They need to instead work towards moving your business forward, generate revenue, and address clients and more.

If you have a helpdesk and the important individuals in your company still have to bother with IT, then this is an indication that your IT help desk is not helping.

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