IT Flexibility and Security During Work From Home Era

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At the peak of COVID-19, when working-from-home became a new reality, it took a lot of learning and understanding for most companies to make swift adoption. As an ambitious organization, you can use cloud security and flexibility to support your remote work.

In the post-COVID world, it looks like companies are heading into a hybrid workforce environment. But long before the outbreak crisis, employees were already shifting to remote work. In fact, at some point, 99% of employees decide to work from home in their careers.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, more than 56% of the American workforce now works from home. In the remote age, companies face more challenges to ensure data security. But at the same time, organizations can roll out cloud solutions to achieve flexibility in remote operations.

Adapting Cloud Security Solutions

Many businesses have realized that remote work offers more continuity of operations. As more companies establish remote productivity standards, adopting modern cloud-based security solutions has become essential.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

When it comes to work-from-home, organizations should focus on flexible and scalable solutions that complement any size and type of workforce. With the right IT solutions, you can ensure every employee from a different location or timeframe can collaborate and communicate without issues.

For instance, if your remote network comprises and supports 500 users, you will need to boost user capabilities that can help around 1500 users. The idea is to cut out scalability issues before they arise and achieve flexibility.

Cloud solutions also allow more scalable features and allow businesses to achieve more fluidity in work. It would’ve been a different discussion had there been no robust cloud solutions in the work-from-home era. Cloud solutions offer a wide range of features that boost performance capabilities and collaborations.

How Prescient Can Support Your Work-From-Home Employees

When most of the workforce starts to work remotely, it becomes clear for organizations to step up their security game. And this is where cloud security and robust IT infrastructure can make all the difference. Most companies now don’t want to get left behind and want solid IT infrastructure and all the requirements to facilitate and improve remote work. For instance, businesses now opt for cloud-based operating servers to make work-from-home is more secure.

Dealing with Security Threats in Remote Age

Security continues to be a severe concern for most companies when it comes to the remote work environment. Practically, the threat management of multiple devices is far from easy. Therefore, companies focus on built-in security, warning management, and access validation to ensure the safety of valuable data.

One of the hallmark aspects of remote work is convenience and organizations opt for IT solutions that can make work-from-home more efficient. In some cases, companies provide ready-to-go direct hardware to their employees to spare their IT staff from unexpected tech issues.

Many organizations also have a separate extension of their IT department to focus on the strategic priorities of the entire workforce at the same time.

Work-From Home after the Pandemic

In the digital and tech-driven world, work-from-home is no longer just an option. Instead, it has become a necessity for businesses to ensure seamless connectivity and maintain regular operations. Even in the post-pandemic world, a good chunk of the American workforce wants to work remotely and most companies will probably facilitate their employees.

Fortunately, many affordable cloud-based solutions and an ocean of online tools can make work-from-home employees more self-sufficient than ever. With a solid foundation of digital infrastructure and robust network systems, organizations can seamlessly maintain and monitor remote operations.

Sum Up

With Prescient, you can receive 24/7 support and modern cloud solutions to ensure heightened security and flexibility for your remote workforce. Prescient offers infrastructure mobility, applications management, end-to-end support for the digital workplace, remote management of the IT environment, and much more.

In the remote age, the ideal solution for companies is to focus on continuous security and receive IT management support from a reliable cloud service. A unified remote work environment is the best approach for businesses to modernize their entire workforce.

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