New Security Features Make a Compelling Case for Windows Server 2019

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If you’re looking for more motivation to upgrade from obsolete versions of Windows Server, maybe the new security features in Windows Server 2019 will get you to take action.

New Security Features in Windows Server 2019

As the number of threats continues to multiply, you need to take multiple steps and build defense in depth in order to protect your systems. Windows Server 2019 helps you do that with numerous security features now part of Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard:

  • Attack surface reduction prevents attacks by blocking certain types of behavior that are typical of malware. One example of this is preventing applications from creating child processes.
  • Exploit protection mitigates against known vulnerabilities through features such as disabling system calls and child processes. The features go beyond those available in the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, which became end of life in July 2018.
  • Network protection recognizes the increased importance of endpoint protection by blocking outbound connections to untrusted hosts and IP addresses.
  • Controlled folder access keeps sensitive data from falling victim to ransomware’s encryption process by preventing untrusted processes from accessing protected folders. When folders can’t be accessed, they can’t be encrypted—problem solved!

Other security enhancements include:

  • Virtual network encryption protects data in transit between virtual machine on virtual networks.
  • Firewall auditing allows you to monitor how firewall rules process data.
  • Kernel control flow guard and System guard runtime monitor defend against malicious code and attempts at tampering with system functions.
  • Windows defender application control (also known as device guard policies) includes default code integrity policies; policies can be applied without requiring reboots.

If you’re running on a version of Windows Server that’s passed its end of life date, you don’t have these new tools to protect your systems. Even worse, you don’t have any security updates for new malware that targets known vulnerabilities. The costs of a data breach are substantial, and your risk may be bigger than you realize.

Mitigate the threat by upgrading your Windows Server and associated systems to a supported version. Prescient Solutions provides IT consulting and managed services to clients in the Chicago and Schaumburg areas. Whether onsite or remote, Prescient Solutions provides 24×7 service to meet all your technology needs. Contact us to learn more about how you can keep your systems up to date and reduce information security threats to your business.

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