Obtain High Levels of Remote Support to Meet Business IT Needs

 In Managed Services

During the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have discovered the value of being able to work remotely. Others are struggling to provide remote access capabilities to their employees and remote support for their infrastructure.

Managed services providers, like Prescient Solutions, are skilled at delivering remote IT support. Managed services from Prescient Solutions can include comprehensive technology management or specialized services tailored to address your most critical challenges, including:

  • Virtual help desk. A virtual help desk provides a team of certified professionals to provide user support and resolve system problems. Our help desks can work with users to solve problems on mobile and desktop systems, provide routine administrative support such as password resets, and answer users’ application questions.
  • Remote monitoring. The impact of outages is more pronounced during this work-at-home period, when it’s more difficult for employees to communicate and to devise workarounds. Around-the-clock remote monitoring means problems can be detected and addressed before they create significant impacts on already over-burdened staff.
  • Comprehensive systems support. Prescient Solutions provides remote support for backend servers, desktop devices, and networks. Services also support and monitor all information security controls, as systems may be more vulnerable to attack. With managed technology services, the Prescient Solutions team takes complete ownership of IT processes. A streamlined communications process and white glove support means you always receive the service you need.
  • Mobile support. With employees working from their homes and other locations, ensuring mobile users have reliable and secure access to company resources is critical to maintaining ongoing operations. Prescient Solutions provides mobile management and mobile help desk support to ensure users can connect and get their work done.
  • Email support. Everyone has a phone, but most business communication takes place over email. Ensuring your email servers stay up so users have access to their mail is vital for collaboration and information sharing. Our email support includes Office 365 migration and support.

In addition, remote services from Prescient Solutions can include an onsite presence when necessary to achieve problem resolution. Our shared services and pay-for-what-you-need pricing model make high levels of support available to all organizations, whatever the scale of their technology infrastructure or technology budget. For those who prefer, a full suite of on-site IT services is available as well.

Now that your remote team may include your entire organization, remote support is more critical than ever. Contact Prescient Solutions to develop an effective remote strategy for supporting all your critical IT functions.

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