Office 365 Is A Great Way to Start Enjoying Cloud’s Technology and Business Benefits

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Office 365 gives businesses an easy way to start adopting and adjusting to cloud technology. To get the most from it, think about the many ways using Office 365 can improve your technology as well as your business.

Technology Benefits from Office 365

Like any cloud solution, switching to Office 365 provides many benefits that your technology team will enjoy.

Using O365 can reduce your data center costs by eliminating email servers and other systems that your team needs to support. The maintenance is handled by Microsoft, so your team doesn’t spend time on applying upgrades. Those upgrades aren’t just patches and new versions of software; you also don’t need to upgrade hardware anymore, so you save real money as well as time.

Because Office 365, like other cloud solutions, makes systems accessible from anywhere, your employees can work outside their offices on their own devices. This means you may be able to reduce your desktop infrastructure in addition to data center infrastructure, eliminating the support and other expenses associated with that hardware.

Business Benefits from Office 365

It’s that ability to work from anywhere on any device that makes O365 such a powerful tool for businesses that really take the time to understand it and leverage it fully. O365 doesn’t just offer Exchange Online; it offers a full set of tools that help your employees work more collaboratively, more effectively, and more productively. The tools available include:

  • Microsoft Office. Spreadsheets and word processing are the workhorse applications that help office workers get their jobs done. With Office 365, those familiar tools are available on employees’ mobile devices.
  • Email. Can your business function without email? It’s the main way employees communicate with each other, as well as with vendors, partners, and customers. Because Microsoft supports the O365 email infrastructure, you get reliable, dependable email service.
  • File sharing. With Office 365, choose between OneDrive and SharePoint to make documents accessible across teams. You’ll reduce the need for employees to email documents around and eliminate the need to store all those duplicate copies.
  • Skype. Sometimes email isn’t the most effective communication tool. Face-to-face conversations can happen when employees are in the same office, but most businesses have multiple locations or employees working from home. Support for video conferencing , screen sharing, and messaging allows effective, instant communication.

How can your business benefit from Office 365? Prescient Solutions offers email migration and Office 365 support to ensure your configuration is secure and meets your business needs. If you’ve been hesitating to move to cloud, contact us to learn why Office 365 is a great way to start enjoying the IT and business benefits of cloud.

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