Is Office 365 the Only Software Your Business Needs?

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Well, probably not. But make a smart combination of Office 365 with other software, and your company’s productivity can skyrocket.

Collaborate in Real-Time with Word, PowerPoint, and Skype

You don’t need to mail around draft copies of documents to get feedback and then merge input from the whole team. It’s simple to create a link to share documents with colleagues. Office 365 supports co-authoring, allowing multiple users to open up a document and make changes simultaneously. With Skype for Business’s chat feature, users working in the document simultaneously can discuss and collaborate on in-progress work.

Cloud Storage Integration

You can use Microsoft’s OneDrive to share files, but if you prefer another cloud storage vendor, Office 365 offers seamless integration with their services. Both Box and DropBox, two of the major cloud storage providers, have integration with Office 365. You can access files from within Office 365, or access Office 365 from the cloud site.

Work Wherever You Are

You aren’t limited to desktop access with Office 365. Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices mean you’ll always have access to Office 365 functionality. Save files to SharePoint or OneDrive, and you’ll always have access to them, too. With the mobile device management features of Office 365, allowing users to “bring your own device” doesn’t mean giving up security.

Sign on the Dotted Line

Printing out documents to sign them is old school. With DocuSign, you can electronically sign documents from directly within Word.

The Most Accurate Meeting Minutes, Ever

You don’t need to scramble to write down what a speaker’s saying. Use OneNote to record audio and save it in the same file as your notes about the meeting. You can share notebooks directly, or just use the recording and your notes to create an accurate meeting minutes memo.

Never Misplace a Document Again

With Delve, you can easily search online documents to find the one you need. Mark documents as favorites or save them to a board so you don’t have to go searching next time you need it. Delve can also show you documents it thinks will be useful to you, based on what you and your colleagues are working on.

Integrate Contact Management

You can go beyond Office’s contacts and email by integrating full-fledged customer relationship management (CRM) software with Office 365. Insightly lets you pull together contacts and QuickBooks sales data and view them from within Office. There’s also integration between Office 365 and Salesforce, letting you easily access and move data and files between the applications.

Pulling it Together

Office 365 can make your business life easier, but only if it’s effectively integrated into your work processes. As a Microsoft Partner, Prescient Solutions has expert insight into Office 365 and the full suite of Microsoft software. Whether you need help deploying, supporting, or using Office 365, our Microsoft-certified team will help you find solutions to your business problems. Contact us for a free assessment and to discuss how our technology services can help you focus on your business needs.

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