Sage Fixed Assets (Network Client) 2019.1 Tax Update & Fix

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Before Installing the update, take a screenshot of your registry under HKLM -> Software -> Wow6432Node -> Best Software -> NWBESTSYS.

Install the update per Sage instructions:

Once the installation is complete you will have to convert the database by opening the database utility, selecting the database, and clicking “convert”

After the database conversion you may receive the following errors when opening the database utility and client:

If you receive these errors go back to the registry HKLM -> Software -> Wow6432Node -> Best Software -> NWBESTSYS. 

By default, the ENGINENAME is SFA_Engine, NAMEis NWBESTSYS, and PARAMETERS is {HOST=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX} -ga -qi

Open the screenshot taken prior to the upgrade and make sure the following current keys are the same: ENGINENAME, NAME, and PARAMETERS.

After the registry has been changed open Sage Fixed Assets Service Manager and enter the following parameters:  -gp 4096 -ti 0 -tl 120 -gd all -sb 0 -n “ENGINE_NAME”

You may have to Stop and Start the service for the changes to take effect.

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