SharePoint 2016 Supports Collaboration the Way We Work Today

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We’ve come a long way since the days when collaborating online meant emailing files around. Video conferencing, online document libraries, and comment threads make working with colleagues wherever they are easy. But today, having employees working “wherever they are” doesn’t just mean offices in different locations. It means colleagues working at home, in a coffee shop, or on a train. Whether accessing documents from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, from local storage or from the cloud, employees today expect seamless access and a transparent experience that doesn’t care where they are or what device they’re using. Take a look at these new features in SharePoint 2016 that support the way your team collaborates today.

More Flexible File Naming and Storage

Special characters are significant, so it was frustrating to not be able to use them in filenames. In SharePoint 2016, special characters can now be used in filenames, making them more meaningful. You can now upload files bigger than 2GB. The content database size has also increased, allowing many more files to be uploaded. The increases in these limits will let users and organizations do more with SharePoint.

Never Lose Track of a Document

Shared copies of files mean less storage is needed. That works great until the file is moved or renamed and no one can find it any more. Thanks to durable links, that will never happen again; URLs will still work even if a document is moved within SharePoint.

Support for Images and Videos

Visual media has become an important part of modern communications and online work. The new version of SharePoint presents image and video previews when you hover over them. The larger file size supported in SharePoint 2016 also allows more use of image and video.

Improved Interfaces

SharePoint 2016’s interface is suitable for touch-based interfaces, making it easier to work and collaborate from mobile devices. For desktop access, keyboard shortcuts make it easier to perform common Document Library commands, and other interface changes make it easier to navigate and see where you are.

Unified Experience

By providing users a single profile in Office 365, SharePoint 2016 allows users to access SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online without any distinction between them; sites are consolidated into a single list. The interface in SharePoint 2016 uses an App Launcher that makes working with it feel the same as working with Office 365. The cloud hybrid search feature means that search includes both local sites and Office 365 content and returns a single results list containing both. By using Hybrid OneDrive, users can use Office 365 to access files from any device.

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