Shedding Light on Managed IT Services

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Imagine if solving computer problems was as easy as finding and replacing a burned out light bulb. Problems would be fixed in no time, and you wouldn’t need staff with specialized skills to handle the issue.

Unfortunately, while computers are as necessary to your business as light bulbs, fixing problems isn’t nearly as straightforward. Investigating and resolving issues requires a high level of skill.

And the changes in computer technology are much more complex than changes in light bulb tech. Sure, you now have choices between incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED, and halogen bulbs, but to end users, they all work the same way and there’s little impact when you choose one versus the other. It just isn’t the same when it comes to information technology.

That means it’s often hard for companies to support their technical infrastructure effectively. When you aren’t in the technology business, your IT team is usually small—sometimes IT isn’t even their full-time job. Solving your day-to-day technical problems is difficult, let alone keeping up on new developments in technology and developing strategic plans to incorporate them.

Managed IT services are the solution to this problem.

The Scope of Managed IT Services

Managed services providers like Prescient Solutions offer companies support with the entire scope of IT services, including 24×7 monitoring; application, network, desktop, and mobile support; and hardware installation and configuration. Benefits from this level of service include:

1. Your technology is kept up to date

The provider ensures that necessary patches and upgrades are installed on a timely basis, so you can take advantage of the latest features and have fewer security risks.

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2. You reduce the risk of downtime

Monitoring alerts the managed services provider to problems as they develop; the managed IT services’ team responds to the problem immediately, reducing the impact and potentially fixing it before end users ever notice an issue.

3. You receive cost-effective support

Because your infrastructure is well maintained, you don’t have to solve issues in a crisis mode, when you’re in no position to negotiate the best price. With a managed IT services agreement, you’ll lock in a reasonable price that covers all services for the duration of the contract.

Managed Services Isn’t About Fixing Problems

Managed services aren’t the same thing as a support contract where you get help when a problem occurs. Unlike an on-call repair team, a managed services team doesn’t wait for you to request help during an incident. The managed services team owns the responsibility for providing a target level of service and takes the steps needed to achieve that target even if there isn’t a visible problem. That means the team doesn’t just support your infrastructure as it is right now; the team looks ahead to see what’s needed to support it in the future, based on capacity demands or upcoming changes in technology.

Managed Services Keep You in Control

Here are the top 5 benefits of managed IT services.

The best managed services providers, like Prescient Solutions, take ownership of the problems they solve for you, but you won’t surrender control of your technology infrastructure. You’ll have full visibility into all the work done to your network. In fact, a managed services program should start with an infrastructure assessment to gain visibility into your current status and to identify the services needed. Contact us to receive a free infrastructure assessment and discuss how Prescient Solutions can support your technology and your business.

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