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According to reports, cybercrime is now bigger than all forms of crime put together and it keeps growing. This means that it causes the most monetary damage and losses to businesses. Almost all large-scale and mid-sized enterprises have got hit with cybercrime of some sort or the other. Hence, all companies are at risk, regardless of their size. This is why you should not get dragged into a false sense of security if you run a small business.

It is important to note that only a small percentage of attacks are targeted attacks. This means that most cyberattacks result from automated tools that hackers use to spam any business that happens to come in their path. One of the most common examples of these attacks is ransomware attacks. These attacks are indiscriminate, cheap, and take less effort.

Therefore, when formulating and crafting a security strategy for your business, make sure it protects against randomized and targeted attacks.

Layers of Protection

The concept of having layers of security is the concept of security in-depth. You have to think about this as bulletproof glass. Each layer that builds up bulletproof glass in itself is not very strong. But when you put each glass together, it offers a strong defense. This also applies to cyber security strategies, and the best one represents a combination of different security measures that work collectively as a layered shield.

Each element of security protects against different risks and malware. When you put each piece together, they give you an enhanced level of security. Therefore, all businesses must have their security in place if they want to be trusted by other companies of the industry. One of the strategies for protection is running a risk assessment.

Security Risk Assessment

Doing a security risk assessment frequently is a simple and effective strategy. This involves using tools to run reports and investigate current risks. After going over all the potential risks, you can discuss the measures that need to come in place when managing the trouble with your team.

Firewall and Security Patches

Firewall is usually the first line of defense for your network. This makes a basic foundation of protection. The firewall is a piece of hardware that uses software and hardware techniques to isolate your network. Along with firewalls, security patches work side by side as foundational or core security elements for a business.

Web Gateway

This involves predictive intelligence and is crucial to any network’s security measures. For users and workers that require working remotely, softwares that act as web gateways can be essential. It helps analyze links or data that is unusual and indicates to the user.  The software looks at odd behavior and blocks all the potential security threats.

Email Security

Email security is the best way to protect your business from spam threats. Spam is very annoying, and it can clutter your inbox. Beyond clutter, there are plenty of malicious activities that spread through email. It is estimated that emails are the transfer medium for 90 percent of cyber attacks. Therefore, one of the best and simplest security strategies would be to put a spam filter on your business accounts. This level of foundational security is essential.

Data Backup and Recovery

Backup sounds very simple, but data can sometimes be difficult to manage, especially if your business runs data-based operations. With a good backup strategy in place, companies can save critical data on their systems without worrying about backing up.

A good strategy also helps you recover lost data with ease. If your system crashes and viruses begin to flood your system all of a sudden, you must have a strategy in place that helps with recovery. Keep in mind that many advanced threats attack not only the data but also the backups.

Even if you use external hardware devices to store backups, it can be difficult staying consistent. Another thing you have to consider is the recovery time objective. This pertains to the speed at which your operations can be up and running again. The best way to strategize, safeguard and manage your data in the face of a breach is to resort to a disaster recovery plan.

Start Building Now!

Above are just some of the basic security foundations and strategies that lead to a secure network. If you want to start incorporating security layers to your business, then contact Prescient, and leverage from innovative and effective cloud-based risk management.

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