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The core of any business’ IT isn’t the desktop computers or mobile devices end users work on. It’s the backend servers tucked away out of sight in computer rooms and data centers. When a single desktop or cellphone has a problem, it affects one employee. When a server fails, it creates a business-wide outage that potentially affects the entire company and all its customers.

As a result, providing server support is a vital IT function. Both server hardware and the increasingly complex server software it runs need monitoring and maintenance. Prescient Solutions offers comprehensive Microsoft server support to protect servers throughout their lifespan.

Microsoft Server Support Features

Microsoft Server Support from Prescient Solutions begins before the server is deployed on your premises. If new hardware is required, Prescient Solutions ensures it’s properly provisioned with appropriate CPU and memory. All appropriate security controls, including firewalls and other measures, are applied to protect the device.

Once the hardware is in place, Prescient Solutions provides support for key Microsoft server applications including Windows Server, Active Directory, Distributed File System, Exchange Server, Hyper-V Server, Internet Information Services, and SharePoint. Our certified experts install the server software and configure it for secure access and high performance. Ongoing maintenance makes sure patches are installed on time, and ongoing monitoring detects and addresses problems before they impact users. We develop and implement upgrade plans to ensure you are always on a supported version of the software. Our disaster recovery services ensure that a disaster that keeps servers offline doesn’t shutdown your business.

Benefits of Microsoft Server Support from Prescient Solutions

It’s challenging for internal support teams to keep up with server technology. Using an IT consulting or managed services firm like Prescient Solutions offers several benefits over trying to handle support on your own:

Breadth and depth of expertise

Prescient Solutions is a Microsoft Partner, so we’re up to date on everything that’s happening in Microsoft environments. We’re familiar with multiple versions of every product we support, so whether you’re running the latest and greatest or are a little behind on your upgrades, we have insight into optimizing your systems and protecting your resources. We deliver our expertise via routine support and through in-depth analysis and planning for any new projects.

24×7 coverage

You never want your servers to shut down, and with 24×7 monitoring from Prescient Solutions, we’ll be aware of any problems and can minimize any downtime. Our experience supporting multiple clients means we’ve seen all kinds of problems and solutions and can help you get through any issue fast.

Improved security

We take security seriously. Routine support includes installing patches on time, reducing the time you’re vulnerable to any known risks.

More time for business needs

Because Prescient Solutions handles the server support functions, your IT team can focus on adding business value instead of routine maintenance.

Get help managing your server support needs from Prescient Solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your Microsoft server infrastructure.

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