The Latest VMware Release Makes Running and Managing Your VMs Simpler and Safer

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VMware is the leading vendor of virtualization, and the latest release, vSphere 6.5, includes features that will make running and managing your VMs simpler and safer. Take a look at just some of the changes they’ve made and how they will improve your virtualized environments:

High Availability is now known as vSphere Availability

You use it by defining a “host failures to tolerate” value in Admission Control. Once set, vSphere manages the capacity of your cluster to determine the failover percentage capacity. If you change the number of hosts in your cluster, the failover capacity will automatically change as well. Another new feature lets you specify the sequence in which virtual machines restart, making the failover of multi-tier applications more straightforward.

Proactive HA

Proactive HA lets the Distributed Resource Scheduler manage VMs on a host when a hardware management tool tells it the server is having hardware issues. The scheduler won’t start up any new VMs on that host and will try to migrate VMs to another host.

Distributed Resource Scheduler

Distributed Resource Scheduler includes new features that make it smarter about moving VMs and balancing your cluster. Network utilization will now be considered before VMs are moved to another host. Predictive DRS will use historic utilization data to make decisions about moving VMs based on trends.

vSphere Integrated Containers

Applications packaged as containers can be managed on your VMs using the new vSphere Integrated Containers functionality. The tool provides Docker compatibility and a portal allowing dev teams to manage containers.

Security & Backup

Security is built in to the vSphere environment. Disk-level encryption protects VMs no matter the guest OS hosted in the VM. Encrypted vMotion protects virtual machines even while in motion. The new secure boot model protects hypervisor and guest OS images from tampering.

Backup and restore are also built into the appliance. The backup files can be targeted to your chosen device and streamed via scp, ftp, or http. If needed for security, encrypted backups are possible.

In addition to new features that offer better control of VMs, the process for controlling them is improved as well. The vCenter Server Appliance Management interface displays more configuration data, including CPU, memory, network, and disk information. The new vSphere Client offers an HTML5-based interface that is intuitive and easy to use. vSphere Web Client’s interface has been improved by reorganizing the home screen, changing the default view, improving performance, and including live updates for monitoring power states and tasks.

Because virtualization is central to most organizations’ IT strategy today, managing your VMs to achieve maximum performance, utilization, and reliability is key to minimizing IT problems. Prescient Solutions’ team includes experienced VMware Certified Professionals who can help you succeed with your VM usage. Contact us to learn more about the latest VMware release and how you can use its new features to enhance your VMware environment.

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