Top Five Ways You Attract Hackers

 In Cyber Security

Nearly 600 million people are victims of cybercrime each year – that’s nearly 18 people every second. Technology might provide some level of protection, but if your employees forget to do their job to protect their personal info and corporate data, then firewalls and other safeguards aren’t going to do any good.

So how are your employees encouraging hackers to steal data? Our Jerry Irvine’s top five include:

  1. Weak passwords are the number one cause of cybertheft
  2. Using public Wi-Fi is a great way to have your personal information stolen
  3. Location services and checking in apps can open you up to physical harm or theft
  4. Increase usage of social media has triggered more identity theft
  5. Not recognizing the different between smishing messages and regular text messages

Learn more about these cyberrisks with Jerry’s video.  Click here to view it.

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