Upgrade Your School’s Technology for the New School Year

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It’s almost back-to-school time. Here’s what you should look at to make sure all your systems are ready for the new year.

1.    Security and privacy.

Keeping school systems secure and protecting student privacy are two priority items. If you haven’t already, review your security posture; are there any new tools you should implement? Review all system access privileges to remove any access from last year’s graduates and staff who aren’t returning. Perform a vulnerability scan to identify any risks and apply any critical patches that haven’t been installed yet.

2.    Cloud.

Do an inventory so you know where you’re using cloud resources. Be sure to include all your cloud environments in your security checks, as misconfigured clouds are a frequent source of data exposure. You may want to use tools that can find “shadow IT,” unauthorized usage of cloud systems. If you don’t have a cloud policy, be sure to formulate one and inform staff so they understand the risks and responsibilities when they use cloud systems.

3.    Mobile.

Mobile devices, like cloud, can introduce security threats along with convenience. Because you probably need to allow mobile access for parents and students, you may not be able to use mobile security tools such as mobile device management software to ensure secure usage. Make the effort to educate your users, where possible.

4.    Network.

Bandwidth demands increase every year as technology becomes more heavily used in the classroom. Review your network to ensure you’ll be able to serve all the concurrent usage.

5.    Software licenses.

Running obsolete software means you won’t receive security patches and remain vulnerable to threats, as well as lack the latest features. Be sure you’ve upgraded all your software to a supported version and have enough licenses to support all users. You may be able to save money by transferring licenses assigned to staff and students who’ve left the school instead of purchasing new ones.

6.    Analytics.

Understand how your students are doing through the use of data analytics. Cloud-based services make advanced analytics tools available to everyone at a reasonable cost. Take advantage and develop a strategy to leverage these tools to gain insights that let you improve your school and your students.

If you need help getting your technology ready for the 2019-2020 academic year, contact Prescient Solutions. Our shared services model means even the smallest education system can have true technology expertise on call.

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