Use Managed Technology Services to Cope with Ongoing Change

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that the world can change in a heartbeat. Surviving and thriving through those changes is only possible if you’re prepared. That means you need to stop reacting to problems and getting your systems ready to handle whatever challenges come their way. Managed Technology Services from Prescient Solutions offer businesses a high level of IT support that keeps systems running and prevents problems from getting in the way of getting business done.

Managed Technology Services

Managed Technology Services (MTS) from Prescient Solutions provide businesses with dedicated IT resources that take ownership of your technology infrastructure to address its current needs and prepare it for the future. MTS includes:

  • Remote IT support. The Prescient Solutions MTS team provides comprehensive remote support for your entire IT infrastructure, including hardware, network, and applications. Routine maintenance ensures systems are kept up to date with critical patches, and diagnostics and resolution management ensure problems are corrected as quickly as possible.
  • Help desk. MTS offers your end users complete support to help them overcome technical obstacles and leverage their technology effectively. No matter the source of the problem, MTS provides a single point of contact. Our team will either solve the problem themselves or coordinate with third-party vendors to ensure the issue is successfully addressed.
  • Mobile support. Business depends more than ever on remote employees’ being able to access corporate systems from their mobile devices. Prescient provides comprehensive support for all mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and phones, including provisioning, user support, and security.
  • Monitoring. Prevent problems from impacting users with 365x24x7 remote monitoring. This key support offering is what transforms your IT from reactive to proactive. Comprehensive monitoring of all key IT resources, including networks, firewalls, email, and backups means problems are detected while they’re small, when fixing them is easy.
  • Straight-forward pricing. Support from certified experts doesn’t have to break your technology budget. Managed Technology Services from Prescient Solutions are offered on a clear, cost-effective pricing model.

Prescient Solutions will help you assess your IT needs and customize Managed Technology Services that reduce your IT problems and enhance your employees’ ability to leverage IT and achieve business goals. Contact Prescient Solutions to learn more about using Managed Technology Services to ensure your business is prepared to cope with whatever challenges come in the next year.

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