Why PowerShell is Your Friend and Reasons to Learn it Now

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It’s important to utilize all tools at your disposal. It can be the difference in fixing a critical issue in your environment. With its scripting features and command-line capabilities, you’ll be able to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. Microsoft plans to incorporate this shell into more services (Office 365, Windows Server, etc.) so understanding it now will benefit you in many areas of IT.

Helpful for Administration tasks

Microsoft constantly pushes out GUI-based features, but not everything follows this protocol. There are going to be times where the solution to a problem is designed to use just the PowerShell console. Misconfiguration in your cmdlet or script could result in serious consequences. That’s why it’s imperative to be comfortable with the shell. Another thing to keep in mind is that PowerShell allows more complex functionality of services than what the GUI provides.

Automating Tasks specific to your environment

PowerShell is useful in automation. You can script tasks for many types of jobs ranging from customizing your Operating system deployment, pulling Event log data on from a local machine, mount an ISO to and so much more. Automation becomes more valuable for Windows server management. Configure settings for WinRM to install Server Roles and Features, etc. Additionally, It provides the ability to bring consistency to processes to do it a scheduled times (if set up properly).

Stepping stone for other technologies

PowerShell has evolved to incorporate tools from Command Prompt as well as Linux based commands. It could help bridge the gap to learn other scripting languages which would further expand your versatility.

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