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Optimize your IT environment with a Managed IT Services Partner in Wisconsin

Prescient Solutions™ is more than a managed service provider (MSP). Prescient partners with its customers to provide next-level managed services focused on an organization’s unique business requirements and objectives. Don’t work with a mere IT services provider when partnering with Prescient provides multiple advantages.

Why it makes sense to partner with Prescient in Wisconsin

  • Prescient provides expert support in cloud-based, onsite, or hybrid infrastructures to maximize your IT investment.
  • Proven experience in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, nonprofit, government, healthcare, and education provides insight into your company’s specific needs.
  • Extensive expertise with Microsoft’s cloud solutions lets Prescient optimize your IT tool usage.
  • Prescient has a deep understanding of client needs gained through 26+ years of experience with the IT market in Wisconsin
  • Prescient treats each partner as a unique entity and strives to provide them with the perfect combination of assistance, guidance, and support.

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Prescient provides comprehensive IT services in Wisconsin

Customers partnering with Prescient leverage a team of certified IT experts to manage the complexity found in any type of computing environment. Prescient offers managed services and support to address its customers’ distinctive infrastructures and requirements.

Remote Services

Prescient has extensive knowledge and experience with cloud computing environments. We help your organization plan and execute a successful cloud migration and offer support for the infrastructure after the move. Cloud IT services include:

  • Office 365 support
  • Identifying the optimal Azure computing model
  • Managing your cloud computing environment
  • Disaster recovery planning and assistance
  • Application development
  • Mobile device management
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Onsite Services

Prescient’s experienced technical team is ready to augment your onsite staff to fill gaps and provide enhanced support. As your IT partner, Prescient works to understand your day-to-day requirements and delivers the appropriate support to optimize your environment. Onsite IT services include:

  • CIO Strategic Advisories
  • IT management and infrastructure support
  • Help Desk
  • Disaster recovery planning, testing, and execution
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Hybrid Services

Many companies are deploying a complex hybrid infrastructure comprised of cloud and onsite components. Prescient’s versatility enables it to effectively manage and optimize an organization’s hybrid environment. As a true IT managed service partner, we work with our clients to implement and support the mix of onsite and remote services that most effectively meets their business objectives.

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Benefits of Choosing Prescient Solutions as Your Managed IT Services Partner in Wisconsin

Engaging Prescient as your managed IT services partner provides companies in Wisconsin with multiple benefits.


Secure your computing environment from the dangers of cyber attacks, ransomware, and data loss with a full suite of cybersecurity services. Begin with a security assessment that determines if vulnerabilities exist and recommends and implements the appropriate tools and procedures to keep your infrastructure safe.

Disaster Recovery

Prescient provides disaster recovery planning, testing, and execution in a cloud, onsite or hybrid environment. Our team ensures your company can quickly recover in the event of a disaster and quickly restore operations to serve internal users and customers.


Engage helpdesk support with comprehensive remote monitoring that enables issues to be addressed before they become business-impacting problems. Our helpdesk team takes ownership of your IT problems and works tirelessly to resolve them effectively.

Network Support

Network support from Prescient includes administration, device installation and configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Managed network services ensure your company has the necessary bandwidth and security in place to meet all business requirements.

Infrastructure Assessments

Infrastructure assessments can help optimize an existing computing environment and develop a roadmap for future growth. IT assessments enable customers to identify overloaded or underutilized resources, reduce security risks, and minimize operational costs.

Cloud Migration

Successfully migrate to cloud services with assistance from Prescient’s experienced and technically skilled teams. We can help your company choose the right cloud solution to address business objectives and assist with remote cloud management after the migration is complete