The CFO Guide to Hiring an IT Consulting Firm

Depending on the size of an organization, and the scale of its information
technology (IT) systems and processes, IT can often report to, and be the
responsibility of the finance department. This scenario is prevalent in small,
start-up and even mid-market organizations. Today’s finance executive
must understand, and often direct IT projects and investments.

Partnering with an IT consulting firm can be an effective way for companies to meet their technology needs and achieve business goals. For that partnership to work, though, you need to make sure you choose an IT consulting firm with the skills and capabilities that apply to your environment and your projects.

The CFO Guide to Hiring an IT Consulting Firm will provide:

  • An overview of typical services
  • 5 reasons to hire an IT consultant
  • A checklist for choosing the right firm
  • Tips for achieving a successful relationship

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CFO guide hiring an IT consulting firm