In the past, Microsoft office was always presented in the market as box software.  This is why buying Microsoft office was always optional. Today, Microsoft has changed their office network and shifted from a box software model to a subscription model known as office 365.

Microsoft office 365 is a collection of different applications, such as powerpoint, word, excel, and others. Since office 365 is a subscription, you will always benefit from the latest updates and not worry about issues regarding an outdated system. It is also available on all your devices, which makes it incredibly convenient.

Backed Up By Cloud

As you are working on Microsoft 365, it automatically saves all of your contents and documents on a cloud. You can access that cloud anywhere, and it is secure.  Moreover, office 365 will improve collaborative efforts in your business as the software allows for collective participation.

Business Oriented Apps

The traditional Microsoft office package included only four core applications: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. However, the update to Office 365 allows businesses and companies to leverage from applications that can facilitate their operations.

These applications are geared towards businesses, such as Skype for business, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. These applications allow reliable and efficient communication and collaboration amongst workers within a company.

Moreover, it also offers businesses a host of enhanced services such as Power BI, Delve, Planner, Stream, Forms, Flow, and more. All these tools make Office 365 more powerful. By using  office 365, your business can streamline all of the processes and make operations more systematic.


Businesses can benefit from the licensing feature of Office 365. You can get 15 licenses per user when using this application. Each user will have up to 5 phones, 5 tablets, and 5 PC installs available. This way, they can allow access to office applications anytime and anywhere. Businesses that incorporate remote working methods will benefit greatly from such integrations.

To install office on another device, all you have to do is log in to your portal from your home computer. Once you do so, you can click the install office app and select office from the list. This will run an installation file and load all office applications on your computer.  This way, you will be able to access shared content and files from your work.

To install office on mobile devices, you can simply select the other options and select the phone option from the menu. You can then select the type of phone or tablet you want and then move on to the “get apps” option. Thanks to these options, businesses can now operate from anywhere, and they are not limited to any other place.


Sharing with other users is a cornerstone of Office 365 online. All the apps on Office allow users to share documents internally and externally. It also allows businesses to work on documents in   real time and see what changes and updates other users make to said documents.  After finishing up a document, you can share it with anyone within your organization.  This adds flexibility and transparency to your business’s system.


Office 356 has incredible built-in security. It also helps optimize your system with high level protection.  Ultimately, incorporating office 365 into your IT infrastructure is a protective measure for your data’s safety. In regards to malware and spam filtering protection, it is the best in the market.

It allows users to protect their system using data loss prevention, enhanced threat protection, multi-factor authentication, audit logging, and a threat management dashboard that allows you to monitor all of these threats. Thus, by using Microsoft office, you can benefit from all of these security tools to enhance your system.

Reduced Risk

Your Office 365 environment is all hosted by Azure through  cloud. The patches features automatically handle all data and takes load away from your IT staff.  By utilizing office 365, your business will no longer burden the network to manage the active directory, and office will manage all of it in the cloud.

Make the Transition Today!

Migrating to Office 365 requires thorough planning and strategizing. This is why it is best to leverage from third-party expertise when making this transition. Contact Prescient, and take advantage of years worth of experience in cloud-based technologies and services.