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Providing the Ingredients for Information Technology (IT) Success in the Food Industry

Hunting and gathering kept mankind fed for millennia with no more technology than a spear and a flame. Today’s food industry requires much more sophisticated systems to create and serve food while offering diners a seamless experience from making reservations to settling the tab. Backend systems need to order, track, and manage inventory to make sure no one goes hungry, while online systems let customers reserve tables in advance and mobile technology at the table simplifies ordering and paying. The advanced infrastructure needed to support these services needs to work in warehouses and repurposed structures from a previous century.

Specialty Chefs for Your Technical Infrastructure

While your team works their kitchen magic, the Prescient Solutions team brings modern technology to the infrastructure supporting food companies. Prescient accomplishes IT excellence with experienced, on-site engineers coupled with 24x7x365 remote monitoring and Helpdesk (24×7) services. We bring a playbook based on years of experience working with food industry firms, but tailor it to your specific needs and environment. Prescient certified engineers can provide the following:

  • Upfront assessment and periodic audits of IT systems and issues
  • 24×7 remote monitoring, alert and documentation systems
  • Emergency services and problem resolution
  • Implement effective data protection and security
  • Manage backup and disaster recovery processes
  • Server, network, IP telephony, mobile, and cloud solutions
  • Apply necessary patches and upgrades
  • Manage vendor relationships including RFPs and negotiation
  • Evaluate and migrate to cloud technology options
  • Develop a strategic technology plan to support future growth
  • Tap into the same level of expertise available to big companies
  • Timely reporting

Project Consulting or Managed Services

Prescient Solutions’ IT services can work on a project basis to solve a specific problem, or provide managed services and ongoing support of your technology.

Prescient’s experience in the food industry includes food manufacturers, distributors, and food service table. Whatever your role in putting food on our table, we can give you the technology you need to deliver the meal.

Case Studies

IT services for food manufacturers, distributors and foodservice companies, including Microsoft support.

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