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How does Prescient help you save money?

First and foremost, Prescient knows how to keep your organization from overspending on unnecessary or costly technology. Because we negotiate contracts on behalf of all of our customers in one way or another, we know the industry and can often make suggestions on ways to avoid irrelevant line items and gain better discounts by forcing vendors to compete by providing better terms. Second, by applying best practices with regard to equipment refreshes, Prescient can make the most of existing investments by finding ways to re-use and recycle equipment and extend the useful life of computers that may have been discarded in the past.

How does Prescient help make you money?

Prescient excels not only in the management of technology components but in finding new and better ways to apply technology to 1) create efficiencies in existing processes, and; 2) develop new processes and models for competing in the market.  For example, Prescient has helped its customer make better use of mobile and remote computing to give users access to the same information they had before, but now they can access information from wherever they work, live, and play, which has improved efficiency simply by putting information in to the hands of the people who need it, faster. Toward developing new processes, Prescient has been able to extend new processes like Sales Entry for remote salespeople, Remote Data collection for maintenance and delivery vehicles, and new types of collaboration across multiple business units that have all helped our customers’ bottom line.

How does Prescient keep you ahead of the IT curve?

While Prescient prefers not to adopt “bleeding-edge” technologies, we have (by way of our Technology Advisor Program and other cultural and organizational collaboration) been able to keep our customers as far on the leading edge as they wish. While this is primarily driven by the Professional Services CIO/COO/ARM relationships that allow our customers to take advantage of what other customers are doing, we have a culture of sharing best practice and emerging technologies which keeps our on-site technologists ahead of the IT curve and, by extension, all of our customers.

Who is a good partner for Prescient?

The typical Prescient customer is a mid-market shop between 50 and 500 computers who, unlike very large organizations that can afford to staff a wide variety of specialists, must settle for generalists who can address most issues, but cannot be expert in all aspects of IT.

Why Prescient?

Prescient provides all three elements necessary to create a competitive advantage for your organization:

  • Courteous, on-site technicians who can handle day-to-day operational issues
  • A wide variety of high-end experts who can assist with major projects and problems
  • CIO-level services to make sure the IT strategy aligns with business goals

What sets Prescient apart from other IT providers?

Prescient is unique in Chicago due to the high-touch, relationship-driven aspect of our long-term engagements. While we certainly use technology to support our processes, we rely most on close relationships between the customer and our on-site teams as well as Account Relationship Managers and Prescient Executives. Prescient is not just there on a temporary basis to serve your team; we become part of your team. In fact, many employees at our customer sites don’t even know we’re not employees of that organization. We work, live, and act as if we’re your employees, but provide the best practice and levels of support (there’s safety in numbers) only found in an Outsourcing partner.

What is Prescient’s best asset?

  • Documented best practices for the full range of infrastructure and application development
  • Strict Adherence to those best practices…it’s who we are.

Why use an IT managed service provider?

  1. If IT is not your core business, do what you do best and let us do the rest
  2. By hiring your own internal staff, you may be able to achieve any two of the aforementioned competitive elements, but typically not all three. In contrast, by working with a local, trusted IT provider, you can not only excel at all three areas of IT, you get the comfort of having individuals who live, work and act like your employees, along with the benefit of having several experts who are familiar with your environment and can help at any time.