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Providing IT Infrastructure, Networking,
Cybersecurity, Cloud-Based Solutions, and Helpdesk Support.

Prescient Solutions is a managed services provider, using a cloud-based model to provide IT solutions to small, mid-sized, global organizations, and government entities for over 27 years. Prescient Shared Services allow any size organization to cost-effectively manage IT resources and increase its bottom line. Large organizations love our private cloud solutions, but SMBs and local governments find greater value in leveraging our shared network of cloud providers and support staff. Prescient’s solutions are tailored to business needs and goals, and our clients grow their businesses as a result. We proudly serve the Chicago, Illinois, and Wisconsin areas, providing exceptional IT services.

Get the Most Out of Your Technology Investment

Partner with Prescient Solutions and let us assess, implement, and manage your technology so you can focus on running your business.


Turning our team of certified experts into your remote IT department.


Leverage cloud-based technology to optimize your current programs or build a custom communications platform.


Advanced security services to block intruders and secure your assets.


Our professional resources blend in with your employees in-house and function as your own dedicated IT department.

Maximize Technology Resources and Minimize IT Vulnerabilities

The IT landscape is always changing, and the demand for trained, highly-skilled professionals is growing. Let Prescient find a talented IT professional to join your team, but backed by our extensive institutional knowledge.

Build a More Efficient and Secure Team with Microsoft Solutions

Prescient Solutions, a Gold Microsoft Partner, can support and manage your use of these technologies through our team of IT experts with access to second-to-none resources that will help us serve you better, faster, and with ever-increasing competencies.

Proven Industry Experience

Discover how our unique approach to your industry will help you grow and secure your business.

I am proud to say that Prescient Solutions is a trusted partner and has been a valuable resource for Custom Contracting since 2013. You have built continuous improvement into your organization and we have been able to continue providing construction services for our healthcare clients throughout this pandemic. Thank you for the service that you provide. 

—Leon LaJeunesse, Co Founder, Custom Contracting

Tech Talks from Prescient—
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a Way of Life

Eric Datwyler, Account Relationship Manager at Prescient Solutions, discusses the importance and benefits of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Join Prescient Solutions

At Prescient Solutions, we foster an environment where individual initiative is encouraged and rewarded. Here, you’ll be part of a team of highly skilled and motivated IT professionals who encourage and support one another, but you will also have the opportunity to shine based on your own skills and merits. We are actively searching for the most motivated and talented IT professionals across the country. We offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages and have a strong rapport with our clients.