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Why Prescient Solutions?

Having an aligned IT department can increase capabilities, cut costs, improve efficiencies and reduce risks. However, the process of building a knowledgeable, effective IT staff can be costly and time-consuming—a bigger burden than most organizations want to handle. Hiring an internal staff involves many moving parts, such as dealing with turnover, training, career development and contingency planning for when staff leaves. Working with an outsourced partner allows an organization to focus on what they do best.

IT is Prescient Solutions’ core competency.

The typical Prescient client is a mid-market organization that employs one to five internal IT staff, but frequently goes to outside IT engineers for specialized projects and emergency services. Our typical client is interested in strategic, long-term planning for their technology needs, as opposed to tactical, short-term fixes and patches. They realize that IT is a strategic part of doing business and looks at their relationship with Prescient as a business investment.

That’s where Prescient Solutions comes in.

Increased bottom line

Prescient increases your bottom line

By understanding your business, your competition and how you make money, Prescient can help you leverage IT improvements to cut costs and boost profits.


Prescient brings specialized IT expertise

With 15 years of experience in the Chicago marketplace and a sterling reputation among our clients for IT excellence, we bring tested processes to each and every client. Our people are versed in the technologies critical for keeping operations running and growing. Documenting best practices for the full range of infrastructure and application development and strictly adhering to those best practices isn’t just what we do—it’s who we are.


Prescient: Not your garden-variety geeks

Prescient is unique due to the service-driven aspect of our long-term engagements. While we certainly use technology to support our processes, we rely most on close relationships between the client and our onsite teams, as well as account relationship managers and Prescient executives.

Core Values

Sharing Information
Getting the Job Done
Always Doing Better
Acting with Integrity
Working Diligently