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Manage Mobile Devices to Protect Your Data


One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is the expanded access to applications and data. There’s an enormous productivity gain that comes when employees are able to access the information they need to work even when they’re not at the office. But allowing employees to use their own devices to access corporate resources brings security risks that companies need to manage to meet compliance requirements and protect themselves.

Prescient Solutions can help you implement a mobile device management strategy that secures company resources without getting in the way of employee productivity. We can implement mobile device management software and security tools that let you manage user profiles and define which applications and data can be accessed remotely.

We can also handle mobile provisioning and support, freeing you from the responsibility of understanding the tens, hundreds, or thousands of unique device configurations your employees use. You’ll gain visibility into how your employees work remotely and can use the insight to further empower them to be productive wherever they are.

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