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Mobile devices fit in your pocket, but they’re serious equipment. Prescient Solutions provides mobile support services in Chicago, Illinois, and Wisconsin areas and recognize that laptops, phones, and tablets are critical components of your technology infrastructure, and we provide serious support services for Android, Apple (iOS), and Microsoft devices. We’ll set your users up with the mobile applications they need, including access to both company and personal email.

The convenience of using mobile devices for work shouldn’t mean putting your business at risk. Because these devices are used outside of your network, they’re more vulnerable than any other equipment you use. Prescient Solutions makes sure all appropriate security is in place on your email servers as well as the mobile devices. By installing antivirus software and implementing patch management we make sure they stay protected.

Configuring mobile device management (MDM) software allows us to perform those tasks automatically and remotely. This software lets you prevent unsafe applications from being used on the mobile devices and restrict the corporate resources users can access from their devices; you can easily grant different levels of access to users in different roles. With MDM’s remote access to devices, we can delete data and maintain your security even if a device is lost or stolen.

Prescient Solutions takes the security of your mobile devices seriously, and we employ advanced techniques to safeguard your sensitive data. One such measure is the configuration of mobile device management (MDM) software, which enables us to efficiently perform various tasks remotely and automatically.

With MDM software in place, we can proactively protect your mobile devices by preventing the installation and usage of unsafe applications. By implementing robust security policies, we ensure that only authorized and verified applications are allowed on your devices, minimizing the risk of malware and data breaches.

Furthermore, MDM software grants you granular control over the corporate resources accessible from mobile devices. You can easily define different levels of access and permissions based on user roles, ensuring that employees can only access the information and applications necessary for their specific responsibilities. This helps to maintain data confidentiality and reduce the potential for unauthorized access.

In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen device, MDM’s remote access capabilities become invaluable. We can swiftly take action to protect your sensitive data by remotely wiping the device, ensuring that confidential information remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. This immediate response helps to mitigate the potential impact of a lost or stolen device, minimizing the risk of data breaches and maintaining the integrity of your business operations.

Prescient Solutions understands the importance of maintaining robust security measures for your mobile devices, and our utilization of MDM software empowers us to efficiently manage and protect your devices from any location. By integrating MDM into our comprehensive support services, we offer you peace of mind knowing that your mobile devices and the data they hold are in safe hands.

Our expert team will take care of all your IT mobile support needs, allowing you to enjoy more cost-effective and predictable IT spending. We take pride in serving the Chicago, Illinois, and Wisconsin areas, providing exceptional IT services to businesses like yours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help set up mobile email on different types of devices?

Yes, we provide support for setting up mobile email on various devices, including Android, iOS (Apple), and Microsoft devices.

What security measures do you implement to protect mobile devices and data?

We ensure that all appropriate security measures are in place, including installing antivirus software, implementing patch management, and configuring mobile device management (MDM) software to prevent unsafe applications and restrict access to corporate resources.

Can you remotely delete data from a lost or stolen device?

Yes, with our MDM software and remote access capabilities, we can delete data from a lost or stolen device to maintain security and protect sensitive information.

Do you provide support for both personal and company-owned mobile devices?

Yes, we offer support for both personal and company-owned mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience and maintain security standards.

How can I grant different levels of access to users based on their roles?

With our MDM software, it is easy to grant different levels of access to users in different roles, allowing you to customize permissions and ensure appropriate access to corporate resources.

What types of mobile devices do you support?

We provide support for a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and devices running Android, iOS (Apple), and Microsoft operating systems.

Can you assist with mobile application installations and configurations?

Yes, we can help set up and configure mobile applications, including those required for company email access and other business-related functions.

What steps do you take to protect mobile devices used outside of our network?

We implement comprehensive security measures on both email servers and mobile devices, including antivirus software, patch management, and MDM software, to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure data protection.

How do I report a mobile device issue or request support?

You can easily report mobile device issues or request support by contacting our dedicated support team through our designated communication channels.

Can you assist with troubleshooting mobile device performance issues?

Yes, we provide support for troubleshooting and resolving performance issues on mobile devices, helping to ensure optimal functionality and user experience.

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