The focus and promotion of cloud computing solutions can sometimes make it seem as if there are no longer any onsite data centers. This is certainly not the case. There are still a large number of data centers in the U.S. and around the world and the market is growing at an impressive rate. Onsite data centers will continue to be an important part of many companies’ information technology (IT) strategies for the foreseeable future.

What are the Benefits of an Onsite Data Center?

Organizations are choosing to remain in an onsite data center or construct a new one for a variety of reasons.

  • Full control over the infrastructure – An onsite data center gives a company full control over how the infrastructure is designed, implemented, and maintained. The organization can choose the hardware and software components they want without being concerned with selecting from the offerings of a cloud service provider (CSP).
  • Simpler security – Security is important for any commuting environment, no matter where it is housed. Cloud security can be somewhat complex. The responsibility for securing the environment is shared between the customer and cloud provider. This can be confusing for some IT staff and potentially result in security gaps.
  • Cost – Cost is often a major factor when considering how to provide a reliable IT environment. While in some instances a cloud solution may be less expensive than an onsite data center, this is not always the case. It may be cost-effective to expand a current onsite facility or build a new one depending on the specific needs of the customer.

What Types of Onsite Support are Typically Required?

While there are some benefits to an onsite data center, businesses with smaller IT teams may run into issues providing the ongoing support the environment requires. A lack of skills and training can affect a company’s ability to effectively maintain its infrastructure.

This is where third-party onsite IT support comes in. A versatile third-party technology provider should have a diverse portfolio of support options. The following types of support will be available from a reliable third-party such as Prescient Solutions.

Strategic IT planning

Most companies have a computing environment that addresses their current business requirements. It may be beyond their means to allocate significant resources to investigate potential improvements or perform long-term strategic planning. This can negatively impact a company’s ability to grow and take advantage of emerging trends in IT technology.

Prescient’s technology experts will work with your company to assess your IT infrastructure and recommend methods to optimize the environment to better meet your business objectives. They can help select vendors, assist in transitioning to new technologies, and help protect your company against all types of disasters.

IT management and maintenance

Third-party IT support allows a company to focus on running its business without worrying about the computing environment. Prescient will ensure that your infrastructure is sized correctly and provide the necessary support to keep it running smoothly. They supply the IT staff your company needs for it to thrive.

Infrastructure support

If your infrastructure needs to be updated to help meet business goals, Prescient will conduct an assessment that fully evaluates all aspects of your current environment. This knowledge, combined with their extensive experience, allows them to recommend the emerging technology that will raise your environment to the next level so you can compete with market rivals.

Help Desk

A responsive help desk is an essential component of a productive company. Technical issues experienced by an end-user need to be addressed quickly and effectively to maintain productivity. Prescient offers a third-party help desk that provides a single point of contact and accountability for resolving technical issues. Help desk support also can provide user administration and perform routine desktop maintenance for your employees to keep their systems updated and protected.

Network support

A company’s network provides the connectivity modern businesses need to stay in touch with customers, vendors, and remote employees. A misconfigured network will offer degraded performance as well as potentially expose the underlying infrastructure to cyberattacks. Network equipment needs to be managed to ensure it is providing maximum performance. Proactive monitoring can identify looming issues and correct them before they become serious problems.


Perhaps the most important aspect of Prescient’s third-party onsite support is the ability to improve the level of your cybersecurity. Any business with a computing environment can be the target of a cyberattack. Enhancing cybersecurity requires the use of dedicated tools and techniques to keep intruders out of your network. Cybersecurity support includes implementing and maintaining firewalls, deploying intrusion prevention systems, and running antivirus software.

Prescient will conduct a vulnerability assessment to understand your environment and determine where it needs to be strengthened. They align security controls with your sensitive data resources and keep unauthorized users out of the system without impacting your authorized employees.

Disaster recovery

Companies without a disaster recovery plan can easily be put out of business by a cyberattack or extreme weather event. An organization needs a well-planned and tested recovery procedure in place to ensure the survival of the business.

Having an experienced partner assist in constructing and validating the plan will protect a business against the unknown. It’s no trivial exercise to develop a viable disaster recovery plan, and leaving it to chance is not recommended.

Let Prescient Provide Stellar Onsite Technology Support

One of the most important IT-related decisions a company can make is choosing the right third party to provide technical support. Selecting the wrong company can result in less than optimal support that can hurt your environment and your business. The provider you select should be a true partner that is concerned with the health of your technology and not just in billing you for their services.

Partnering with Prescient Solutions for onsite support will help your company optimize its computing environment and maximize its technology investment. They have a proven track record of success that will benefit your company. Get in touch with Prescient today and find out how they can help your company thrive in the modern business world.