Collectively Scaling Small Businesses

Carbonite serves to help small businesses grow to their maximum potential with a focus on data security. Carbonite server backup options allow businesses to benefit from customizable and comprehensive backups. This ensures that small businesses are able to equip their interface and frameworks with a highly efficient data security management.

The partnership also ensures that Prescient Solutions will be able to integrate advance feature sets, and allow users to secure multiple data types on servers. This includes Windows files and folders, Windows system state, and other leading databases such as hyper-v-virtual machines and Microsoft applications. Carbonite also supports Microsoft sequel server, SharePoint, Oracle Database and more.

Prescient Solutions have diversified their data protection and backup services with the help of Carbonite. Thanks to their collaboration, Prescient can enable comprehensive backups for multiple databases. This will keep your systems running during backups and eliminate any interruptions to the services.

With the help of Carbonite, you can backup your valuable data to the Cloud managed by Prescient Solutions. This helps envelope an added layer of security for you business’s data centers