Get Superior IT Management With Kaseya

Kaseya is a software and services provider that caters to software technologies and IT management. By siding with Kaseya and their goal of providing for small businesses, Prescient Solutions can make your computers and IT systems more efficient. This can help you be more productive and also take full control of your datasets and IT assets.

People around the world rely on Kaseya to manage their systems in highly creative and innovative ways. This allows us to provide your business with plenty of choices regarding your IT management strategies. Kaseya offers business leaders and managers with an opportunity to take charge of their system’s management function in an easy way.

Having control of your systems allows you to have a complete overview of your data and networks. It also enables you to easily manage access control for your team. Prescient Solutions offers plenty of access control integrations and lays it down on one simple dashboard. One of the key reasons why we are able to do that is because of Kaseya and their highly specialized and vast services.

Regardless of the amount of machines, systems, servers or networks that you need to manage, we, at Prescient Solutions can help, thanks to our dedicated team of IT professionals, along with renowned and reliable partners such as Kaseya. Sign up with Prescient Solutions and simplify your system’s management task today!

Build a Secure Documentation Management System With IT Glue

For many companies, looking up information can sometimes become a painstaking process, especially if the information is locked away in an isolated location. For this reason, Prescient’s partnership with IT Glue is so critical. IT Glue by Kaseya helps incorporate transformative effects within a business’s workflow. It does this by integrating MSP tools, Permission based-SOPs, Secure API, Password Management and more.

IT Glue is a web- based application that provides companies with instant real-time access to information. This streamlines and speeds the process of looking up important data and keeping track of them for security purposes. Thousands of users and service providers worldwide utilize IT Glue to save countless of hours in their effort to look up information. Prescient Solutions’ partnership with IT Glue allows them to take it to the next level.

Password protection and documentation will now be easier than ever, due to the processes that Prescient Solutions can provide thanks to IT Glue. With the help of MY Glue, you can have an extensive, comprehensive, and systematic approach to all password documentation techniques. In addition, Prescient Solutions can provide you with a significant and valuable password protection strategy.

IT Glue is very cost-effective when put into practice and leads to reliable and simple solutions for data access and protection.